1. yup definitely us homeschoolers

  2. lol the irony…

  3. I like the expressions of increasing frustration you envisioned on your classmates… and especially on the teacher xD

  4. hate to say it, but that is really really me!

  5. LOL! So true!! I can totally relate 😀

  6. September 12 2016 – *system kicks us out half a minute after joining REPEATEDLY* me: *headdesk* AND IT’S MY BIRTHDAY *spams join button*
    No thank you GP6.
    *also remembers the time where i was at least 10 min late to a class bc awful connections*
    yep us homeschoolers tho

  7. That is so me.

  8. Lol–so true!

  9. Wow. The youtube one is SO me.

  10. LOL I died laughing xD

  11. Oh my g-o-s-h! This is SO what TPS is like! lol!

  12. xD xD nice!

  13. *groans* Why? Why is this true? And one more- *first in class* Oh no! I can’t be first, I’ll get called on! *exits and returns several times before someone finally arrives* Phew…NO! You can’t leave, too!!

  14. Nice happens to me all the time

  15. It happened to me for the first time today. 🙁

    I was late a couple minutes ’cause this really old computer takes a really long time to log in, and I woke up a little late. 🙁

  16. Does that first person have a “The Fold” T-Shirt?

  17. Agreed. This is totally me in the car when I have to use my mother’s WIFI!! (grrrrrrrr)

  18. LOVE IT!!…Sounds just like me;)

  19. Wow! You are really good at drawing! Great Job!!!!

  20. How true! Lol