1. haha this gets funnier and funnier

  2. the first comic i was like look behind you

  3. Oh wow! I’m dying laughing over here…

  4. haha the first one is hilarious
    the second one is even better… xD

    • Btw where did you get the minifigures with head phones?

      • Mark (green shirt) got his hair from the Minifigures Series 12 Video Game Guy, while the relative at the bottom right got his hair from the Lego Store, but I think he was from the minifigures Series 8 DJ. Basically, from the Minifigures blind bags.

        • Cool! I got a mini figures blind bag once, and I wanted to get this paintball dude, but there was this like girl skier in it lol.

          • I have a trick I use where I feel the pieces through the bag to find one that’s unique to the minifigure I want. It totally works!

          • lol there’s always a way to beat those “blind prize” things. Unless they’re in boxes (like those slither.io mystery slither toys).

          • Same. They normally work for me pretty well, but recent’y I keep on getting the wrong ones. xD

  5. Well, the Thanksgiving comic WAS relevant. xD

  6. one of the only honest persons in the room haha

  7. why did the gigantic pancake remind me of the tombstone in most gospel movies help xD

  8. That is so funny!

  9. I don’t get it.

    • Depends which one you’re talking about. The first comic was joking about how the two didn’t realize the even larger pancake behind them, while the Thanksgiving comic was joking about how ridiculous it was to choose something as feeble as turkey to be thankful for (but in retrospect, I actually am thankful for turkey).

  10. Stop motion is soooo fun!!!

  11. That’s bad though!^ :O

  12. Exactly! I am thankful for the turkey! Lol