On Taylor & Sharing Our Passions

Okay friends, let’s talk about Taylor Swift. She’s a heated topic to bring up right about now, but I need her to make a point so bear with me for a minute.

I’ll admit it, I’ve always been a bit of a Taylor Swift fan. Nothing too extensive, but her album Fearless was the soundtrack to my fourth grade year and there’s a hint of nostalgia that pops up each time I hear “You Belong With Me” and remember how excited I was almost ten years ago when my friend Ellie finally got the CD in the mail and we were able to listen to it for the first time.

It always takes me a little bit of time to warm up to new music from any artist I love, and when Swift’s new singles started releasing in August, I couldn’t foresee a future where I’d look back at my first time listening to these songs with the same nostalgia as some of her earlier music. But then last week when reputation released I watched Taylor perform a few songs live on SNL and all of my opinions changed. I watched her laugh and dance and make those classic Taylor Swift smirks and I couldn’t help but thinking, wow. This music is really her. The evident joy filling her as she performed made me want to love these songs as much as she clearly did.  

Because here’s the deal: people love what other people are passionate about. If you were purchasing a piece of art for your home and you had two options: one guy with a great piece who when asked about his work says very monotonously “It’s a skyline,” and one artist with a comparable work but who just beams when he shares how his piece was inspired by his time in a city near to his heart and how each building in this skyline represents a different memory from his time there, which piece do you think you would be more likely to buy? My guess is that most of us would prefer the second seller, the one who clearly loved his work and couldn’t wait to tell you all about its story and everything that went into its creation.

This applies to everything we produce in our lives. Music and photography and other artwork, but also our lab reports, our college application essays, our conversations with friends, and our relationships with Christ.

I encourage you all to think about what it would be like to step into some of these passions you have, to stop worrying about what other people are going to think about your latest project or plan for your life, because if God’s given you a passion for it and you love it a whole lot, other people are going to love it a whole lot too. And you know what the coolest thing is? When you, a follower of God, have a passion and share it with the world, you are giving others a chance to experience God through the gifts He has given to His children and I think that’s pretty awesome.

Read through some of these Spotlight articles today and soak in the chance to witness how students and teachers have stepped into passions in their own lives. I’m praying that each and every one of you have a chance this week to rest and be refreshed and that extra free time allows you to spend some time with Jesus pondering on what passions He might be calling you into in your life.

We’ll see you next Monday,



  1. I like your interpretation of Taylor’s new style, fellow SNL watcher!
    Yeah, not only is the stuff you do with a passion better, you also have more fun doing it!

  2. Great translation of it into this Christain life! I didn’t see her on SNL, so it still feels different to me, especially the content in the lyrics. 😛

  3. Great article! I prefer Carly Rae Jepsen though, because she’s not as controversial and her music isn’t as dark.

  4. ^^^^uh oh not Carly….xD