Class Reports: AP Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject that often reduces high-school sophomores and juniors to tears. However, there are some students out there who actually enjoy chemistry and find the science fascinating.

If you are a fellow chemistry nerd and wish to expand your knowledge, consider taking Dr. Chris Petucci’s “AP Chemistry” class. Dr. Petucci describes his class as “a freshman-level college course that teaches students the comprehensive, curriculum outlined by the College Board and prepares them for the Advanced Placement Chemistry Examination.”

The college-level textbook that is used in this class is Chemistry by Gilbert, T.R., Kirss, R.V., Foster, N., and Davies, G. In addition, students taking this class are required to have a scientific calculator, a copy of Advanced Chemistry Student Lab Manual, and a copy of Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam 2018 Edition, and an Advanced MicroChem Kit.

Since the Chemistry AP Exam focuses significantly on lab work, there is a large lab component in “AP Chemistry.” Students will use their Advanced MicroChem Kit to perform the sixteen advanced placement labs, eleven of which are guided inquiry labs.

Regarding weekly homework, assignments are due at the beginning of class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, students will have formal lab reports to write. When asked what students will learn in his class, Dr. Petucci says, “Students study advanced chemistry concepts and mathematical applications of stoichiometry, gases, thermodynamics, periodicity, bonding, liquids, solids, solutions, equilibrium, kinetics, electrochemistry, and practical application of major concepts by performing labs at home. They also improve their problem-solving skills by solving problems during class throughout the lectures.”

Dr. Petucci says that “AP Chemistry” is ideal for students who are considering a science major in college. Also, since the course is advanced placement, students will have a chance to earn college credits. If a student receives a four on the AP Exam, they will earn four college credits; if they receive a five, they earn eight college credits.

Since this is a very challenging subject, there are strict prerequisites students must complete before taking this course. Students should be entering grade eleven or twelve based on graduation year and overall curriculum to enroll in this course. Prerequisites also include successful completion (80% or higher) of Algebra 2, and successful completion (80% or higher) of Chemistry (Pre-AP Honors) or successful completion of a TPS AP Chemistry placement test (taken from StudyPlace).

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a science course to challenge yourself or if you enjoy chemistry, consider taking Dr. Petucci’s “AP Chemistry.” Not only will you hone test-taking skills and possibly earn college credits, but you will also learn fascinating new concepts and perform interesting labs.


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