Bible Time and Friendships

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“I would like to read my Bible every morning, but I’m struggling to find motivation. What is your advice?”

First I’d like to say by giving you advice on this I am not saying I have mastered reading the Word daily. I struggle with this also.

Okay, now to your question. Have you found the right time to read your Bible? Does during breakfast, after a few school subjects, or first thing when you wake up work best for you? Once you have a time in the morning and you still feel like you are not consistently reading find a Bible study to follow. Maybe read a short passage or some of your favorite verses and doodle on them. Sometimes when I want to read the Word but I do not know where to start I simply search a word like “faith,” “courage,” or “strength” and then I read the verses tackling that subject. I also write about where and when I need to use these verses in my life. Romans 10:17 “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

If you still feel inconsistent try doing your Bible study with someone else. Now, this does not mean you have to do a study with this other person, unless you would like that. The two or more of you can study in the same room and that may help with accountability.

If you would like to read further on this topic, I wrote about it in a past article here.

“We here at TPS are constantly on computers for classes and homework, but between forums, Gp6, and the multitude of other ways we connect we with each other and other people, I feel like it’s really easy to get distracted with those things. For me personally, I find myself checking at least one form of social media at least once every time I’m on the computer. So here’s the question, how can we stay connected with friends without letting that become a distraction from school and God?”

First I recommend a planner to make sure that you stay on top of school so you can find extra time for friends (but of course make sure that you include Bible time in your day). I talk about planning out homework here in a past article. Have you tried attending a youth group to connect with God and friends? If you cannot attend a youth group, is there a nearby community center in your town to become a part of projects to make friends? If you have friends to spend time with, try to schedule a weekly or biweekly time to spend with them.

As far as social media goes, maybe you could set a time of day when you can look at social media. Or after a set of tasks/homework is done? If you work toward that reward of media you will feel much better about your downtime. I also recommend turning off notifications on your phone or device and regularly fasting from media. I did it during Lent and found that after I did not care so much about what was going on and found more time for my Bible and friendships. I hope this helps you!

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  1. Lovely advice as always! Well done, Annette 🙂