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Sword of Flame – Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

        The first story Mr. Camdey told me was about mankind as a whole. He explained many things to me which had confused me since the beginning of my belief in atheism. “There is always a purpose for everything, everywhere,” he told me. “We just have to find it.” So saying, he told me to ready my pen and began to narrate in his smooth, lulling voice.

The question many people wish to know the answer to is this: “Why does man exist?” Perhaps some atheists think they already know – mankind is an accident. They believe there is no reason for any creation in the Beginning. Everything happened by chance.

Let us just imagine for a moment that the secular view is correct. There is no celestial Creator, and nothing in the Beginning was given purpose. If that was true, no laws would bind man but laws which man created. The structure of morality would simply be to serve and glorify mankind. This is why many non-Christian evolutionists reject the prospect of a Creator God – they do not want to live according to the rules that would exist if there was a God. Perhaps many non-Christians reject the prospect of a Creator God without realizing it was God who commanded man not to murder, to honor thy parents, to not worship idols, and so on. If God sets the level of morality a man should follow, then man is bound to do good, and when he does wrong, he suffers the consequences, for God cannot stand sin. In fact, without God, there is no right or wrong, because there are no standard morals.

Here Mr. Camdey paused and turned toward me. “Do you see, Mr. Tamwit, my reasoning?” Without waiting for an answer, he continued his narration.

Darwin promoted the idea that God did not exist when he produced the theory of evolution. At first, many were hesitant to accept this new ‘Darwinism.’ But as time progressed, many began to side with the view that God was non-existent. This meant that they no longer followed the statutes and laws set by God. Humans’ natural instinct is to do as we please. When we please ourselves, often we are not pleasing God. In order to please God, we must first give up our own worldly pleasure. Since we are disinclined to do this, we simply eliminate the threat to our “happy” lives by believing that the world doesn’t need God.

If only man would see that pleasing God brings us so much joy! Man exists to bring the Almighty glory, and when we fulfill our purpose we are filled with a sense of belonging and love. The joy we experience when we please God is priceless compared to the cheap happiness that worldly desires bring. Even in doubt and pain, Christians will always have God to guide them.

A wise man* once said, “God is most glorified by us when we are most satisfied in Him.” Our purpose on this earth is to be satisfied in Him until our last breaths, in order to bring the most glory to the Father. We are tested by hardship and pain yet remain satisfied and steadfast in Him, and He is glorified all the more! Because of this, we should be on our knees, thanking Him for all the suffering we have borne, because when we overcame it through Christ, it brought Him glory. I ask the Lord to bring still more hardship, to give me still more opportunities to glorify him, because my purpose is but one, and I will fulfill it to my best ability. May the Lord be blessed and glorified in all I do and say. Come again, Lord Jesus. Amen.

*Quote from John Piper


  1. Wow! Kate, this column is getting more and more interesting every month. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Great job on this article!

    • I agree! These are such fundamental truths that we cannot forget! Thank you, Kate, for explaining them in such a clear, interesting way!