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How You Can Help Raise Abortion Awareness: The oPIN Your Eyes Project

By Alyson D

“60,000,000 babies….legally killed within 45 years.”

Why isn’t this scrolling across our news feed?  Why do we not hear the silent screams of these babies being killed daily?  Who will speak out for them?

I just learned this year how many babies have been legally killed since Roe v. Wade.  I had no idea that 60 million babies have died. That is nearly ten times the amount of people Hitler killed in the Holocaust. I had to do something with this information. I had to understand what 60 million looked like.  And voila! The oPIN your eyes project was born!

We’ve lost ten times the amount of people Hitler killed in the Holocaust. I had to do something with this information.

What is oPIN your eyes?
Well, thanks for asking.  It’s a 9-month project to raise national awareness of what our country has lost through legalized abortion. It started on March 9th and will end on December 9th (that’s soon!).  I am collecting diaper and safety pins to represent the lives lost. 1 pin equals 200 lives; therefore, I need 300,000 pins. So far, I have received over 280,000 pins. After the collection is over on December 9th, I hope to create a public display (such as a GIANT baby bottle filled with these pins) where people can come and see the collection. I pray that God will use this to open our eyes to the grave reality of what our country has lost through legalized abortion.

How can I help?
You can send in pins! I still need 20,000. Since this project is ending in less than 1 month, go ahead and send in your pins today!  Remember, they can be any size, any color diaper/safety pins!  Follow these steps to  contribute your pins:
1) Please be sure you close the pins.
2) Write the pin count on the bag.
3) Include your name so you can be listed as a donor!
4) Then send them to:

oPIN your eyes Project
P.O. Box 122
Winfield, AL 35563

What if I have questions for you?
You can email me at opinyoureyes@gmail.com. I will do my best to answer all your questions.

Where can I learn more about your project?
I have Facebook and Instagram accounts where you can follow this project, but all of the info about the project is on the oPIN your eyes website: www.opinyoureyes.com. There you can read in depth about how this project started and how God has worked along the way. (Click the links below to follow oPIN Your Eyes on Facebook and Instagram!)

***Be sure you aren’t left out!  Share the oPIN Your Eyes project with friends and family, and be sure to send in your pins by December 9th so that they can be included in the project!***


Alyson, founder of the oPIN your eyes project, is a homeschooled senior in Alabama. This is her 2nd year with TPS, and she is enjoying every moment of it! She loves horses, playing the piano, cooking, and reading. She plans to attend Belhaven University next fall and major in Elementary Education. The Lord has placed a burden on her heart to reach Muslim women and children with the gospel. Therefore, with her major, she hopes to be able to enter closed countries to reach Muslims for the Lord.


  1. Great article, Alyson!

  2. Great article!

  3. Hoping to send you some pins soon. =D Keep standing up for the least of these!

    • Oh yay! Thank you so much! I will look forward to receiving them! And thank you for your encouragement. Yes, with the Lord’s help, I will continue to stand. 🙂

  4. Love the article! Gotta go get some safety pins…

  5. Well, your time is expired. Did you make it to 300,000?

    • Yes! I actually did! I received over 25,000 more pins than I needed! However, the Lord brought to me a lady who will continue the project in the new year! So if you wanted to send in pins, or collect any, you still can!