Old School NBA Players vs. New School NBA Players

Welcome to 1v1, where the players of yesteryear meet the titans of today. Ever wondered who would win between the greats of yesterday and the greats of today? Well wonder no longer- I’m going to take one current-day NBA player and compare him to a classic, old school player that shares many of the same characteristics. Then, there will be a quick run through of who would a game to eleven 1 on 1 in a halfcourt setting.


Klay Thompson vs Reggie Miller

Klay Thompson is arguably the second best three point shooter in the NBA today. To go along with this, Reggie Miller was the best three point shooter when he was in the league. Klay Thompson is a lockdown defender and normally defends the opposing team’s best player. Reggie Miller, although not known for his defensive prowess,  could play solid perimeter defense.

The Game

Klay Thompson starts with the ball, pump fakes on a three point shot, drives the lane, and banks in a layup. Score: 2-0

Reggie Miller sizes up Thompson using a variety of crossovers and dribble moves, steps back, and drains a three! Score: 3-2

Thompson receives the ball off of the check and shoots a quick three that rattles in and out, and Miller snags the rebound. Miller dribbles the ball out to the corner and drills a three! Score: 6-2

Again, Thompson gets the ball off of the check and shoots another quick three. This time, however, it banks in! Score: 6-5

Miller does a quick jab step, spins around, and slams the ball home, posterizing Thompson! Score: 8-5

Thompson receives the ball out of the check, drives directly into Miller’s chest, and draws the foul! He proceeds to knock down the two free throws. Score: 8-7

Knowing he can win with a three ball, Miller receives the ball out of the check, and drills a three to win the game! Final Score: 11-7

Kyrie Irving vs Allen Iverson

Arguably two of the greatest ball-handlers of all time, Iverson and Irving’s games mirror each other almost perfectly. Although I believe A.I. still has the best handles of all time, Kyrie’s shooting prowess definitely tops his opponents. Iverson’s athleticism is much greater than Irving’s; however, Irving is three inches taller than Iverson.

The Game

Kyrie starts with the ball, does a quick in and out crossover, gets to the hoop, and drops in a layup off the glass. Score: 2-0

Iverson gets the ball, jab-steps, crosses over, steps back, and drains the three in Irving’s face! Score: 3-2

Immediately after getting the ball, Kyrie pops a three and drains it. Score: 5-3

The next possession, Iverson utilizes his athleticism and muscles Irving in the post, draining a fadeaway. Score: 5-5

Irving, however, starts to use his height to his advantage, taking Iverson to the rack on back to back possessions, banking in two floaters. Score: 9-5

Iverson will not go down easily, however; the 6-foot stud drives the lane, banks in a layup, and draws the foul. He proceeds to swish the free throw. Score: 9-8

Irving attempts a nutmeg move, but Iverson pickpockets the ball away from him! Iverson sizes Irving up, crosses over, and breaks Irving’s ankles! He then swishes the three ball, winning the matchup 11-8.

Steve Nash vs Chris Paul

Steve Nash was known for being the Phoenix Suns’ floor general. Chris Paul is known for being the Los Angeles Clippers’ floor general. Paul and Nash both share a knack for finding the open man, regardless of where he was on the floor. Paul has a great three point shot, shooting a career 37% from downtown; Nash shot a career 42% from three.

The Game

Paul starts out with the ball, and speedily gets on the board for two, using a quick crossover to get inside the paint. Score: 2-0

Nash, known for his quick dribbling, speeds past Paul only to get the ball stripped from behind. Paul dribbles the ball out to the three point line and drains the three! Score: 5-0

Nash gets the ball off the check and automatically shoots the three; however, it misses off the back iron. Nash, showing incredible hustle, snags the rebound and puts it back up for two points! Score: 5-2

After the check, Paul does a quick jab steps and drills a three. Score: 8-2

Nash will not go down easily, however, as he comes back with a three point shot of his own after a quick crossover and stepback! Score: 8-5

Paul needs a three to win, and he knows it. However, he takes the safe route, driving into the lane and banking in a floater. Score: 10-5

Nash, feeling the pressure, hucks up a three and somehow, gets it to bank in! Score: 10-8

Paul quickly crosses over and puts an end to the game, getting into the lane yet again and put in the finger roll layup. Final Score: 12-8

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  1. This was such a cool article! I love how you actually created the 1v1 games.