OKC’s Second Grand Theft

Carmelo Anthony

As the NBA season prepares to launch, yet another OKC trade grabs the headline: not only did the franchise manage to land All-NBA Offensive superstar Paul George, but they also added scoring machine veteran Carmelo Anthony to their arsenal. The New York Knicks acquired 6’11 Enes Kanter and Doug “Dougie McBuckets’” McDermott. McDermott has yet to mature into the player he was expected to by scouts, though New York is giving him one more shot to showcase his talents.

Image result for enes kanter in knicks uniform
Enes Kanter


OKC Thunder: OKC’s General Manager, Sam Presti, has once again pulled off an unlikely trade by trading the two aforementioned role players for  four-time Olympic medalist, six-time All-NBA player, and ten-time All Star: Carmelo Anthony.

Though at first glance this trade seems to heavily favor the Thunder, OKC has lost much of their bench’s depth with the loss of Enes. The Knicks, meanwhile, have been trying to get rid of Carmelo since the start of the summer. Carmelo has a player option in his contract, meaning he could veto any potential trade, slowing the process considerably.

Both OKC and the Knicks benefited from the trade, but the Eastern Conference continues to lose star-power (Paul George, Paul Millsap, and now Anthony) to their western counterpart, potentially spelling doom to the conference system altogether in the NBA.



  1. Wow, I never really thought of it that way. But it makes sense, if the East trades players to the West, they’ll lose their star players, and that could really throw things lopsided. Though, in a decade or so, it’ll probably shift back to the East, as the West’s players grow older and lose speed and skill.

  2. Nice article. Go Knicks!