Brick Tricks – The Police and Reformation Day

Note: The choice of whether or not to celebrate Halloween is between you and God, and the above comic is not meant to convert anybody from their current opinions on the holiday.


  1. Love the comic! How’d you make the min figure hang in the air?

    • I used a method called masking – I took one picture where he was sitting on several bricks, and one where he wasn’t there. In editing, I “erased” out the bricks he was sitting on so only the background without the bricks was shown. It normally doesn’t come out too well, but I think I came out lucky with this one.

  2. I think I am detecting that the minifigures have personalities – the one in the green shirt is a killjoy, mostly haha. Sometimes I wish I could break the law of gravity!

    • Yup! I originally intended for him to be just be normal, but the post-punch line was funnier when he was annoyed, so I guess he’s become pretty grumpy. XD

  3. Haha! These minifigure comics are cracking me up. My brother and I used to make Lego movies with an app that made them into a movie and these comics remind me of those movies. (Except they are a lot better quality. lol)

  4. I relate with the kid in the shark costume lol

  5. The law of gravity, lol!