Meet Mrs. Lisa Crosby: Our Friendly Mathematician

Mrs. Lisa Crosby, born on December 13, 1966, has been teaching a variety of math subjects since 2002. This year, she is teaching TPS students Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and College Math.

Lisa was born in Mt. Airy, NC, the hometown of Andy Griffith. She grew up in Mt. Airy, moving on to Miami, FL, then to St. Louis, MO, making fond memories in each place. Raised by a Christian family and having a preacher as a grandfather, Lisa accepted the Lord God as her Savior and was baptized in 6th grade.

In St. Louis, Lisa attended middle and high school, growing up with a certain “class clown” by the name of Bill Crosby. In her senior year, she called to ask him to go with her to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Being away from home, he did not answer the phone. Lisa planned on forgetting the experience when he called her about it, forcing her to ask the question.

Lisa became our beloved Mrs. Crosby after the passing of her education days. Having loved math since youth, she attended the University of Missouri, Columbia for a BSED in Mathematics and then Missouri State University, Springfield for an MS in Mathematics.

In 2002, when Mrs. Crosby was teaching at a local college, she discovered The Potter’s School through a student she was tutoring. Interested, she inquired about the school, and in turn, Mrs. Janna Gilbert sent her a job offer to teach at TPS.

From this year’s summer camp, Mrs. Crosby remembers a funny story of poking fun at Mr. Crosby’s price-tagged shirt while he was wearing it. Looking at her own, she realized she had the same laughable problem.

Mrs. Crosby has three children, all who have grown up. She remembers the fun October tradition she had with them and Mr. Crosby. Each year, they would visit the pumpkin patch and enjoy the fall harvest celebrations when their neighborhood would have a big barbeque and costume party.

Aside from teaching the wonderful subject of math, Mrs. Crosby enjoys reading on a relaxing chair with a cup of coffee nearby. She loves the color green and the treats of Health bars, Whoopers malt chocolate, and especially the Robin Eggs at Easter. Her favorite meal is her mother’s delicious country fried chicken with gravy, rice, corn and green beans.

Mrs. Crosby describes herself as a Bible-believing Christian who learns more about her relationships with God and her fellow believers every day. She is a loyal friend and loves her family dearly, and she also loves teaching, enjoying all the classes due to the “cool students we have at TPS.” Currently, her favorite verse is Psalm 139:13—“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” She explains that it gives her encouragement to know how God had even her beginning under His control; that she was special in His sight and uniquely created for His purpose.

Mrs. Crosby encourages students to study and complete their homework diligently as they pace themselves to flow into the rhythm of homework and lectures. She reminds us that we are heirs of the kingdom of God and to use what we learn at TPS for the ultimate glory of God. “May your life be new each day as Jesus shapes you while you learn.”


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