Girls’ Spotlight: Hannah Thomson


Hannah Thomson is a tenth-grade student who has been attending TPS for the past three years. She is taking German 2, U.S. History, and Biology with The Potter’s School. Studying German is extremely important to her, because her grandparents are originally from Germany and she has cousins who still live there. Hannah was born in New Jersey and lived there until six years ago, when her family moved to Upstate New York. If she were to describe herself in three words, she would say that she is funny, caring, and friendly. Hannah is the youngest of six children, and although she used to hate her position in the family, she now appreciates it because she loves hand-me-downs.

When asked where she finds peace and quiet when she is stressed, Hannah answered by saying she grabs a bowl of popcorn and climbs into her bed, turning the heater on as she procrastinates doing the assignment that is making her stressed. Hannah finds herself obsessed with chocolate, the original Pringles, plain Lays, and Cheez-its. When asked where she stood on the age-old pineapple vs no-pineapple debate, Hannah replied that she was a plain cheese type of girl. Hannah also is in love with white chocolate covered pretzels. In fact, she once left a bad review on the Walmart website when a store near her was out of them.

Hannah is an avid reader and adores The Hunger Games and The Fault in Our Stars. One book that is on her reading list is Paper Towns by John Green. In her opinion, Me Before You was the worst movie adaptation based on a book. She feels that many major parts in the story were simply cut out and sped up too quickly, giving her no time to learn to love the characters. If she were given a superpower, her power would be to possess all of the superpowers. If she were the President of the United States, her first law would be to abolish sin. Hannah’s favorite animal is a penguin, but she is not really sure why. Her goals for this school year are to not have any late assignments for her Biology class, to continue learning sign language, to become amazing in German, and to make more friends.

Hannah Thomson is a truly lovely and sweet girl who has nothing but kind words to say about everyone she knows. I had a wonderful time getting to know her, and I hope that you did too! Have a lovely rest of the month!



  1. Awesome article Kalijah! Very well written!
    Enjoyed getting to know you better Hannah!