Class Reports: SAT Preparation

Often, the mere mention of the letters “SAT” brings moans and groans from high-school juniors and seniors. The SAT is one major factor in determining what college one attends after high-school graduation, and therefore is something one should take seriously.

For many, SAT prep is considered a normal part of high school life. Who doesn’t appreciate math tips or reading comprehension tricks? If you’re searching for a solid SAT preparation course, you should consider taking “SAT Prep”, taught by a math teacher, Mrs. Susan Habacivch, and an English teacher, Mrs. Vanessa Bush.

Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Habacivch say in regard to their class, “Students get test-preparation plans, test-taking strategies, and even ‘tips and tricks’ to maximize success on the SAT.” Some “tips and tricks” include becoming familiar with the format of questions on the different sections and learning how to instantly eliminate at least two answers. Students will also learn how to interpret data from graphs and charts, and how to manage time well, especially during the reading comprehension section. Students will also gain useful knowledge regarding the optional essay section. Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Habacivch say, “Every student can improve SAT scores through guided studying and good test-taking strategies.”

The only textbook required for this class is the Official SAT Study Guide (the 2018 edition), published by the College Board. While the homework is not extensive, students should expect about two hours of test practice per week. Students will also take a full-length diagnostic test at the beginning of the course and a full-length test at the end, in order to see “how much students’ scores have improved.”

This class is geared towards any high-school sophomore, junior, or senior who plans to attend college after graduation. Certain prerequisites before taking “SAT Prep” are as follows: TPS Algebra 2, TPS Geometry, and TPS English 3, or their equals as permitted by a teacher.

While taking “SAT Prep”, students will learn that “taking rigorous courses and consistently reading challenging material are the best things a student can do to prepare for the SAT.” However, being familiar with the different types of questions and the test format are “invaluable and also contribute to a high score.”

While Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Habacivch will help students’ scores increase, they also emphasize how important it is to find one’s identity in Christ, and not in a test score. No matter how important the test, one should always know that a test score does not define them. This is extremely beneficial advice, as high-schoolers tend to stress over their SAT scores, putting unhealthy pressure and anxiety on themselves.

In conclusion, whether you are a precocious 10th grader, hoping to learn some invaluable tips early, or you are a nervous 11th grader, consider taking “SAT Prep” taught by Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Habacivch. It will not only benefit one’s SAT score, but also teach crucial studying techniques.

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