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I watched her as she struck the last match in her box. It glistened a moment, then flared up gently. She lowered the match softly and the wick caught the flame. It was a small, round candle, yellowing from age, with wax running down around the edges. I watched on the edge of my seat anxiously waiting for the woman to work her magic—then she did.

With her delicate, callused fingers, the woman sprinkled a white powder onto the flame and a sliver of silver smoke trickled up from the wick. Some of the ashy white cloud floated through the air. I inhaled the fresh smell of water that lingered around me, salt on my dry lips.

“It began long, long, ago. Like all the good tales, it has a hero, and a villain, and a beautiful lady . . .” Her mind trailed off as I watched her tilt her greying head back with memories. She sat up and looked keenly at me with her sea filled eyes.

“But the story hasn’t ended yet.” I gasped. Every story—every good tale—had ended long before my time. It had all been finished long ago, and nothing ever happened now. Now, the world was like quiet village life. Bewilderment shone in my face and she saw it.

“You think that nothing happens, that all there is, is the village life. All you are is the weaver’s son.” She leaned forward and blew into the candle’s thin thread of smoke. A transparent quavering ship appeared. It was beautiful and I gasped. She folded her hands under her chin and looked me straight in the eyes. “But every story began with a quiet village life. Every hero was just a weaver’s son. Every beautiful lady was once just a child with freckles.” I stared in wonder at the smoke picture. It flickered with the flame and glistened in the dark.

Suddenly, I felt a deep yearning in my soul—an urge, a pull. Adventure was calling me, but I could not answer now, not yet. Every hero had to spend time waiting—but I could wait. Any weaver’s son could tell you how.

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About the Author:

Name: Micaela Moreau

Age: 15


How many years have you been a part of TPS?

I have spent 3 years with TPS.


What classes are you taking this year with TPS?

I am taking three classes with TPS this year: French 2, Children’s Literature, and Biology.


What are a few of your hobbies?

I grew up reading, telling stories, and dancing—those three things have stuck with me. Now, I take ballet and am attempting to finish a novel.


  1. This was a beautiful story!! And that picture is amazing! ?

  2. Thank you! A friend posted the picture as a story prompt and I couldn’t leave it.

  3. I loved this! A whole novel off of this would be amazing! And the whole idea of a candle’s smoke being blown into different images–now that is beautiful!