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Follow Your Gut: Spooky Italian Dinner

When I think of October, I think of Trick or Treating, PSLs, and all of the fun traditions my family has surrounding Halloween. One of my personal favorites is our pumpkin carving night. On this special evening, my mom invites many of our friends and family over for a BYOP night (Bring Your Own Pumpkin). We all sit around our massive dining table and carve our pumpkins. After we are satisfied by our jack-o-lanterns results, my mom whisks the pumpkin guts away and places a Halloween themed meal in their place.

Spooky Italian Dinner

This Halloween dinner is very easy–just make some spaghetti and red sauce as you would normally. This represents the “brains”. To make the “eyeballs,” take a raw meatball, and on the top, place a green olive, making sure the orange of the olive is visible.

The “fingers” are made by preparing breadsticks, but just before you bake them, place an almond at the top of the breadstick. To make it even more realistic, score the breadstick two or three times a third of the way up and then again two-thirds of the way up.

The witch potion punch is made by mixing a gallon tub of lime sherbert with a two-liter bottle of Sprite. At the bottom of your plastic “cauldron,” place a cube of dry ice, and then pour in your punch for the smoke effect and a complete witch potion.

Let me know in the comments if you end up making some of these spooky recipes or have any suggestions for what I should do next. I appreciate your ideas!

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