Meet Madame Barbara Starosciak: TPS’s French Teacher

Meet Madame Barbara Starosciak, the outgoing and people-loving French teacher for The Potter’s School.

Madame Starosciak was born in Philadelphia, PA, during the time her father was staying there to do his residency at the Children’s Hospital. In her childhood, she lived in New Jersey as the oldest of six children and then went to Wheaton College for a degree in Education and a minor in French. So far, she has been teaching French for forty years.

Before she started teaching at TPS, she was a French teacher at a co-op for her children and other homeschoolers. Eventually, one of the mothers suggested to take the courses online, and Madame Starosciak began the French department in the year 2000 and has been teaching the subject ever since.

Madame S considers teaching at TPS, homeschooling her kids, and writing her book, Homeschoolers Need Foreign Language Too!, as her greatest achievements so far.

She is currently living in New Jersey with her wonderful husband and aged father. She has homeschooled two kids of her own, who are now grown up and pursuing careers of their own. Her daughter is married and works as a Nurse-Practitioner while her son is an automotive engineer. In her free time, Madame S enjoys reading, being outside, walking, jogging, swimming, and doing other fun outdoor activities.

Madame S enjoys eating Italian pizza and likes the color is blue. She also enjoys watching action movies and states that her favorite book is what she is reading at the moment. Madame S likes penguins, but loves people and communicating with them even more. For this reason, she enjoys going to the annual VBS France trip and meeting her students who go there in person.

Before the school year, Madame Starosciak has fun looking up new French songs to share with her class. She enjoys singing off-key to her students, as she considers that it helps them remember the French grammar better. She encourages students to develop study habits in middle school and ninth grade, as they will be useful in high school when they will need to take harder subjects. Also, she encourages students to learn a second language, as it can become useful for the future. Studying a second language would also introduce students to the language’s politics, culture, and geography.

Madame S’s parents introduced her to Christ at an early age. In her teens, she decided to make Him the Lord of her life and to follow his call to wherever He led her. One of her favorite verses in the Bible is Isaiah 41:10, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” As God sometimes calls Madame S to be the first to do something for Him, such as being the first to teach French at TPS, Isaiah 41:10 heartens her and gives her courage to obey the Lord.

Madame Starosciak, the fun, extroverted, energetic French teacher who has followed God’s call to The Potter’s School; we at TPS are lucky to have her.


  1. Ah, I miss Mme S! Her French 1 class has made college French a breeze so far even after I skipped a year. She’s an amazing lady. 🙂

  2. Madame S is the best! ‘A day without grammar is a day without sunshine’ 🙂