Class Reports: Forensic Science

With television shows such as Bones, CSI, and NCIS, the field of forensic science has become mainstream. However, it is difficult to determine if what you are seeing on the screen is realistic or even feasible.

If you are interested in criminology or forensics or are curious about how murders are solved, then you should consider taking “Forensic Science,” taught by Mr. Aaron Ullman. Mr. Ullman currently works as a forensic chemist in a drug lab.

Mr. Ullman describes forensic science as “the application of the physical sciences to a legal setting, and where logic meets the law.”

This class is geared towards juniors and seniors who have completed both high-school level biology and chemistry. Additionally, this class is for all those who “love science, mystery, or just want to know more about how criminal justice works from a scientific perspective.” While this class does include some challenging material, it does not go too in depth into “the scientific theories in the different disciplines.” It’s more like a review of the many aspects of forensic science, such as trace evidence, fingerprints, blood spatter analysis, and entomology.

The typical workload for this class is not extensive; it’s usually a chapter of reading, a small quiz, and a forum post. Occasionally there will be additional assignments. Mr. Ullman says, “the highlight of the class is a final group project where you ‘work’ a complex crime scene together, using all the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired over the course of the year.” How cool is that? Actually solving a case!

So if you have an interest in crime shows and solving cases through forensics, then this class is definitely for you! Whether you’re considering a career in forensics or you want an exciting science elective, consider taking “Forensic Science” taught by Mr. Ullman.


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  1. Nice Job, Allison!!!

  2. Sounds so fascinating; I wish I’d squeezed this into my schedule this year. Thanks for the review, Allison!

  3. i absolutely loved that class last year! it is amazing! & the final group crime project is one the most enjoyable school assignments i’ve ever had (;

  4. Good Job!