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Sword of Flame: Chapter One

“Any wise old sage would know that he is not wise at all but a helpless fool. For while knowledge can be gleaned from many things, among them time and studying, true wisdom is the acceptance and understanding that we, as humans, are naturally ignorant, and however many books we study or however long we have lived, we will never surpass the woeful level of morons. In comparison to the vast stores of wisdom at the Lord’s disposal, we contain but flecks of dust in the wide realm of knowledge.

Do not mistake this revelation as an insult to mankind, for once you have come to terms with the yawning idiocy of the mind, then you shall be truly wise. For if we are not all-knowing, surely there is a Being that is all-knowing and flawless.”

Here I paused, tapping my quill against the weathered parchment. “Ah, dear Lord,” I said unto the invisible God. “What am I to write about now?” And suddenly I remembered all my travels, and all the happenings upon the rocky, narrow road that I had stumbled upon many times, and that only the grace and mercy of the Lord had kept me from falling into some pit or other. I thrust my quill into my inkwell, my eyes dancing with an excited light. “Aha!” I cried. “My journey’s end is near; all that remains is to put it on paper. Just as I have remembered it, so many others will know of it.” And so, I began to write.

Let us remember that God, in his boundless grace, has allowed us many chances to turn to Him, longing for His love for us to be returned. In light of that, dear Reader, I beg of you that you, in turn, forgive me for any stumbles in this story.




The Almighty Lord’s Holy Word is his gift to us, and I in turn gift my studies of it to you. My name is John Tamwit, and I set out in the year 2010 to see what others had gleaned from their examination of the Bible.

I am a scholarly fellow with a brain perhaps too large for my head and a mouth too large for my own good, brought up in America and educated at Oxford University. Now, at the age of thirty-two, I was beginning to enjoy life—finally, I was past the studying, the working, and the endless criticism and comments of my professors. I settled down in the state of Alabama, hoping to live the rest of my life in peace. My hopes were high, my spirit fresh. I signed up for a job as a bank accountant, and my life ran smoothly for three years.

However, soon after the beginning of the fourth year, I received an urgent letter from a certain Mr. Jason Camdey, who resided in Georgia. Since his house was not far from the Alabama-Georgia border, I decided to see him and hear his request. Two days after I received the letter, I was packed and driving in my rundown Ford to see what Mr. Camdey had to say.



  1. Wow, this looks so interesting! I love your writing style too. It’s so intreaging and witty! Will your following posts all be this man’s stories?

  2. o______o I love this!
    ” with a brain perhaps too large for my head and a mouth too large for my own good”
    Haha my life

  3. Great first article! Can’t wait to see where you take these articles!

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Savannah, I’m not sure yet. I might have some stories about a different person.