September Editor’s Note: On the Rock

Dear TPS Students,

You’ve made it through the first week of school (or maybe you haven’t, and you’ve taken time out of your heavenly schedule to read our unworthy earthly publication, in which case I’d like to thank you very much. We are honored.) For the rest of you, don’t give up the ghost just yet. There’s so much to learn, and you only have a few more years dedicated almost entirely to this pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. Run the race well.

For some of us, this past week has included more than the kickoff of academics. Here in Dallas, Texas, we’re a few hours from Hurricane Harvey, but we still feel the effects. Thousands of people flocked to grocery stores and gas stations this week in an attempt to stock up on supplies the Gulf Coast could not provide for the next few weeks, draining the pumps and leaving some stranded at home with an empty fuel tank. This is normal crisis behavior, unless you know that Dallas’ gas comes in part from Oklahoma, not entirely from the Gulf. In other words, a few hundred thousand panicked people just cost the rest of us a few days of work and 50 extra cents per gallon until prices go down again. They could have prevented this entire problem with a quick Google search simple enough for a Chick-fil-A cow (“ware duz Dalas get its gas” would be sufficient), but alas, it’s more exciting to panic, and panic they did. These people lacked two essential aspects of life: common sense, and more seriously, a Foundation of peace in all circumstances.

As Christians, we have the firm Rock of Jesus Christ in person and in text upon which to build our lives in the midst of an unpredictable ocean. We may have different sets of barnacles, sea urchins, starfish, and seaweed stuck to the Rock, but the core is always the same: the perfect life, death, burial, and resurrection of the divine Son of God, YHWH Himself in the flesh, the reason we can live a victorious life. He is our worldview, and additions are theology. It’s hard to cling to the Rock in a storm if you don’t know what you’re standing on, so we’ve created the Theology & Worldview section to help students better grasp key people and points of their faith.

We would also benefit from looking up every now and then to check out the seas around us. Are they placid? More tsunami-like? Clay’s News section is designed to give readers a peek into today’s world, the figurative “winds and waves” around us. These sections are published together to communicate those weather patterns through the lens that the One Whom the winds and waves obey is the Rock we stand on.

We hope the articles produced this week spark your interest in pursuing Jesus and understanding the world around you. Excelsior (ever higher)!


In Christ,

Raelen VanDuzer

2017-18 Co-Senior Editor


P.S. We’re offering prayers for our schoolmates and countrymen affected by the hurricanes over the past week and moving forward. May our God and Father give you wisdom, peace, safety, and an incredible witness to those around you in this season.

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  1. Excelsior!