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The Little Princess

When I first see the adorable little face of Claire Ryann, my first impression is not of the extraordinary little singer with perfect pitch that she really is. Yet after listening to her videos I cannot even believe I had ever missed her talent. Living in Utah with her family, this four-year-old girl surprised many by singing with phenomenal sincerity. Her journey as a singer first began when she and her father posted her first YouTube video featuring the Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World.”

She continued to follow her passion for Disney songs singing Tangled’s “I See the Light,” Toy Story’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” more recently Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go,” and many others. Though she sincerely loves Disney music, she and her father occasionally post Christian songs on their YouTube channel, some of which include “Silent Night,” “Beautiful Savior,” and “Gethsemane.”

So, how does she memorize all the words to her songs? She would listen to the songs repeatedly and even sing them as nighttime lullabies. The song would then be memorized after a couple of days. How does she get all this talent? Probably from her parents. Her father plays the guitar and sings with her often, and her mother also sings and even plays the piano. Together the family helps create the background music to little Ryann’s music videos. Though they make a lot of videos, she is never forced to sing for them. Rather, they are created if she desires, so she grows to enjoy the process.

Throughout her musical travels, she records songs with her dad, who often accompanies her. Together the happy duo have made many appearances on shows such as the Ellen Show and NBC’s Little Big Shots. Little Ryann even had the privilege of performing “How Far I’ll Go” with Auli’i Cravalho, star of Moana. 

Though a famous singer, anyone could mistake her for a simple little girl. When she’s not performing in front of the camera or on stage, she is practicing her ballet or playing with her parents and little brother Carson. As the little adult of the family, she always thinks of others before herself. This child pours her heart out for her brother even when the worst happens with such caring emotions. For instance, when her brother accidentally broke one of her prized snow globes, instead of becoming angry at him, she comforted him with kind words.

As a young protégé, she still claims that she does not want to become a famous singer but “a princess hair trimmer girl.” Clearly, she loves princesses, but which are her favorites? Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Elsa! The beautiful dresses they wear fascinate her, and why wouldn’t they? She also claims that she loves the colors blue, pink, lavender, and white; all very beautiful princess colors. This sweet little girl touches so many hearts with her lovely voice, her compassionate heart, and fun personality.

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