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The Amulet of Silver Fire

Chapter One


In a country far from here, in a forgotten time, there was a young maiden who had a gift unlike any other: Silverfire. It was she who imprisoned Glassheart, Lord of Monsters, when he attacked the country of Castelle. It was she who safeguarded the key to his prison, the Amulet, and passed it down to her descendants. Our story takes place several thousands of years later with one of her descendants, the weakest of them all, who, in time, would grow to be the strongest.


The girl looked at her watch. He was late. The rain threw itself at her umbrella. She  sighed and wished she’d never signed up for this.

When the Organization suggested a partnered training program, she had been all for it. That was, until she heard who her partner was.

The girl sighed again as she spotted the boy rushing down the sidewalk towards her. She watched as he tripped over himself and fell with a splash into a puddle.

Of course he had to be her partner: the klutziest, least talented tenth-grader in Castelle. She didn’t even know what kind of Mage he was. He picked himself up, drenched and muddy, and made his way over to her.

“You’re late, Lorry,” said the girl.

“I’m so sorry, Morrigan,” said Lorry, “The bus was late, so I had to run. Then there was this dog and-”

“I don’t care,” answered Morrigan, “Late is late.”

He was a tall boy, with a mess of auburn hair. Most of it was plastered to his head by the rain, despite his umbrella. Embarrassment was plain in his gray eyes. His face was reddening.

Morrigan sighed. He looked like a freshly kicked puppy.

“It’s fine,” she said grudgingly, “Just don’t be late again.”

“Why don’t we find a place to get out of the rain?” asked Lorry, casting his gaze around the street.

“There’s a coffee shop around the corner,” said Morrigan.

A few minutes later, they were staring at each other in silence over cheap coffee.

“We’re supposed to be getting to know each other, right?” asked Lorry. “I know everything I want to know about you,” said Morrigan, “You know my name. That’s good enough for me.”

With that, Morrigan slapped a travel lid over her coffee. She opened her umbrella with a sharp snap and stormed off towards her home.


“This is going to be awful,” Lorry muttered, as he walked back to his home.

Short for her age, Morrigan’s red hair was always in a flawless ponytail. Her cold, piercing eyes were blue. She was, in Lorry’s opinion, a disagreeable person.

Lorry was chilled to the bone in his muddy clothes and was glad when he reached his family’s small bookstore. He was about to go in when something caught his eye.

On the street corner stood a woman clad in a canary yellow jacket. She held no umbrella and she seemed to be staring straight at him.

Lorry felt his pulse quicken. Something about her unsettled him. He hurriedly entered the store and shut the door firmly behind him, making the little bell above the door cling loudly. He risked a peek out one of the windows, but the woman was gone.

“That was strange,” he murmured.

Claiborne Books was one of the coziest places in Applegate Town. Shelves crammed full of books lined either wall, There were comfy chairs with colorful cushions here and there, but the store lacked customers. No one was behind the counter. A staircase behind it led to the family’s home.

Lorry was about to tramp up the stairs, but Michael raced into the store. Dark skinned and bright-eyed, Michael was dripping wet.

“Hey, Michael,” said Lorry, “Forget an umbrella?”

“Yeah, I left it -” answered Michael, “Did you trip again?”

Lorry sighed and tramped up the stairs, with Michael behind him.

“Not in front of your partner, I hope,” said Michael.

Lorry ignored Michael and yelled, “Mom? I’m home!”

“Wasn’t expecting you back so soon,” said Mrs. Claiborne, coming out of her bedroom, “What happened to you two?”

Mrs. Claiborne was a tall woman. Her long titan hair was woven into a neat braid, a few flyaway strands framing her pale face.

“I tripped,” said Lorry.

“Forgot my umbrella,” replied Michael, proceeding to raid the Claiborne fridge, “Ooooh, chinese!”

“Paws off my fried rice,” said Carina, coming up the stairs. Carina was Lorry’s younger sister. She was a middle-school student and shared Lorry’s auburn hair.

“Today was Pairing Day, correct?” said Mrs. Claiborne, “Who did you both get?”

“I got a girl from a different school,” said Michael, munching on some teriyaki chicken. “What about you, Lorry?” asked Carina.

“Oh, just Morrigan Depre,” answered Lorry, peeling off his wet socks.

Michael nearly choked on his chicken.

“The Depre girl?” said Carina, shocked. “You’re serious?”

“That venomous child?” said Mrs. Claiborne. Lorry nodded casually, “Yeah, so?”

Michael rubbed his hands together manically, “Miss Perfect and the Class Klutz; this is too good.”


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