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A Sight to Behold

Tears fall

Hearts break

Weeping and sobbing fills the air

The emptiness inside of me is unbearable

The happiness around me has disappeared

All joy replaced by sadness and grief

The calmness is unsettling

 The pain–a burden to the heart

You breathed your last a few moments ago

My last chance to say goodbye has gone.

What’s going to happen now?

What’s going to happen now that you’re not there anymore?

Tears continue to fall

It hurts,

The pain is unbearable

I watched as you breathed for the last time

I saw your body and knew your soul had been taken up above.

You are still alive everywhere I go

Already your legacy has taken flight

I see you in all of the beauty that surrounds me,

But how am I supposed to let go?

Memories bring tears and pain

I am longing for something lost

The cruelty of this world has unveiled right before my eyes

Death and pain

Sorrow and grief

Heartbreak and sadness.

It’s all around me.

How are the wounds going to be mended?

How is everything going to be ok?

Why does it have to hurt so much?

Or am I just blinded by my pain?

So blind I can’t see through the tears that continue to flow

The shock and reality of it all has yet to settle in

I know you’re gone,

But I never thought you could leave me

I can’t comprehend the reality of it,

I can’t grasp it.

Yet, through all of the misery

A calm and peaceful feeling rests upon my heart

Shining through my pain is sacrifice;

The most painful thing of all:

Death on the cross

A perfect one suffering because of my acts

How am I to repay a debt that cannot be repaid?

Through my heartbreak, I feel joy,

For I know where you are

Rejoicing with your Savior,

The Holy One.

It will take some getting used to

This hole in my heart will take time to heal

I know I have to let go,

But I will always want one more moment with you

You have been released from your suffering

With your last breath, you expressed your love

Memories of you are cherished eternally in my heart

Unforgettable and inspirational

Nothing will ever be the same without you,

But in my heartbreak, I will find the courage to let go

The strength to say goodbye

The last goodbye.

Tears fall, hearts break

Your grave is crowned with the jewels of nature

The stone–quietly reminding me that you’re gone forever

Yet, you’ll still be in my heart

In the hearts of everyone

I won’t say I loved you

I will say I love you

For you will always be loved

Though you may be up above

You will be remembered eternally

Your legacy forever visible.

And through the rain and clouds

A single bird whistles

A strange sight to behold

Yet, it gives me strength and courage

Life is made of simple things that bring beauty to the world

Calling for its beloved

The bird flies into the trees and I don’t see it again

Much like you,

You flew to the Heavens

Calling for your beloved Jesus.

Your absence is hard to forget

You are missed

More than words can express

Your lingering memories are a comfort

The unbelief of your death has yet to settle in,

But the bird and its whistle keep coming back to mind

The flight to the trees to join his beloved

Like your flight to the heavens into the embrace of your Savior.

I say farewell for now

For I will see you one day,

But for now,

I utter the last goodbye.

And the bird whistles

Calling softly

For his beloved.

About the Author:


“My name is Grace, I’m 17, and I’m a fourth-year TPSer enrolled in German 4, Russian 2, Health & Wellness, and Psychology. My passion is to capture the beauty of the Creator through the lens of my camera whilst also pursuing the adventure that is just beyond the horizon. An entire world waits to be explored, and I intend to make it happen!”



  1. Wow, Grace, this poem is so beautiful! You are amazing at showing the change in emotion, and I love how you use questions. Great job!