Ethan Wall: Basketball News Columnist

Ethan Wall, in 2017, undertakes the role of Basketball News Columnist for the TPS Ezine clay. At the mere age of fourteen, he enrolls in courses for high school seniors and college freshmen. Ethan lives in Pateros, a 500-person town located in Washington State, and his family includes three siblings, two parents, one brother in law, one sister in law, a niece, and a nephew. Ethan loves mango both as a fruit and his favorite food.

A homeschooler from the beginning, Ethan often experiences pressure as he compares his friends’ relatively easy workload in school to his own. Indeed, struggling with college level courses (especially calculus) while your peers study geometry could feel rather unfair. However, he appreciates the flexibility that his special educational background gives him. Besides studying, he enjoys music, piano, and, most importantly, basketball. Every day for the last four years, he has invested four hours in practicing his favorite sport. Having played piano for over 9 years, he takes particular interests in classical music. Partially because of this preference, he is a big fan of The Piano Guys for their unmatched creativity in the classical genre. Academically, Ethan chooses to prioritize the scope of his knowledge. He immerses himself in, according to his own words, “the multitude of different subjects ranging from psychology to medical history and literature.”

His favorite subject, English, increased his literature knowledge through the variety of the works he read. Of all the books that he read, Ethan’s favorite is The Lord of the Rings series for its plot filled with adventurous elements and thrilling imaginations. This preference also leads to his love for the movie Inception. “It’s one of those movies that makes you think extremely hard, so that you’re not just sitting there letting your mind wander throughout. Concentration is a must.”


  1. Golden State or Cleveland?

  2. Annette Gustafsson

    Wow 9 years of piano! Good job! I’ve been doing classical piano for 7 years and it’s nice to hear someone is sticking with it. 😉

  3. I’ve played the piano for… I don’t know… seven years now? I love it, nice to see that you do too 🙂 And Calculus? My goodness. Good luck with that! Lord of the Rings is the greatest.

  4. Wow! You are taking calculus! Also, it is awesome you have been playing the piano for 9 years. I have played the piano for that long too. Good luck with calculus!

  5. Hi Ethan!
    I can’t wait to read your articles! I must say, I definitely can understand how you feel when you compare yourself to others (especially other homeschoolers!) I myself am taking 3 AP’s (including Calculus) and 2 community college courses, so I can understand your pain 😉 I love the Piano Guys too! A couple of years ago, a few of my friends were invited to perform with them in one of their music videos (I was not unfortunately, they needed violins and I was a viola player, ugh)
    I also play piano: we have really similar interests too! 🙂

  6. Wow! I’m trying to imagine how you fit all that in your schedule!! Basketball: four hours; Piano: I know that takes hours of practice ( I’ve been playing piano for eight years); and college and high school courses!! My goodness! And I loooove the Piano Guys and Lord of the Rings!

  7. Hi Ethan! I know have how it feels to a ton of homework to do, but all you have to is do your best each week! Good luck!