Chris Kuo: Current Events Writer

Chris is a 17-year-old Christian homeschooler living in Snow Camp, North Carolina. He’s been homeschooled since elementary school, and now he’s a senior in high school.  He first took TPS classes in 6th grade.  He loves his two siblings– a younger brother and an older sister. Some of his hobbies include jogging, playing Ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, playing board games, reading, and writing.   His favorite book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and his favorite movie series is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Chris has always loved to write, especially nonfiction. But the event that truly sparked his passion for journalism occurred in the summer of 2016, when Chris attended Harvard Summer School.  There he took two journalism classes, “Feature Writing” and “Basic Journalism.”  He especially loved crafting feature articles, which gave him the opportunity to write about people and places using an entertaining, narrative style.  Recently, Chris won a 2017 Scholastic Gold Medal in Journalism and attended the Scholastic Arts and Writing awards ceremony at New York City’s Carnegie Hall.   Chris maintains a personal blog (, where he writes both about his personal experiences and current events.

This will be Chris’s first year on the clay magazine staff, and he can’t wait to get started!


  1. Annette Gustafsson

    All the Light We Cannot See is on my reading list I can’t wait to read it! Wow talk about a writer! Good job with all your awards and such! xD

  2. I love “All the Light We Cannot See”! It’s such an amazing story. 🙂

  3. So glad you were able to join us, Chris! Can’t wait to read your articles.

  4. Yuss, LoTR. =D Congrats your metal! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ has been on my ‘Plan to Read’ list, you have prompted to finally pick it up!