Suzannah Bozarth: Public Relations

Meet Suzannah Bozarth, a member of the social media team for Clay Magazine! An old pro at the job, Suzannah has already completed three years with the TPS e-zine—first as a columnist (“Hello History!”) and then as a member of the public relations staff. This year she is excited to continue in her PR role. She will present writing tips and advice along with inspirational material to the public via social media and other forums. She will also oversee general content managing on TPS pages. As she enters her junior year, Suzannah plans on continuing her studies with TPS by taking French 4/5.

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, sixteen-year old Suzannah is the fourth of six children—four girls and two boys. She claims her favorite parts of living in Germany are touring the castles and eating the delicious ice cream. Her family moved from America to Germany a year ago because her dad has a civilian job associated with the U.S. military near Stuttgart. In the past, Suzannah’s family has resided in Virginia, Texas, and Australia.

In order to get to know Suzannah better, I asked her to name some of her favorite activities. She immediately mentioned her passion for reading; in fact, she stated that she loves books so much that her American basement was filled to the brim with bookshelves stuffed with books. Her passion for literature has led her to appreciate the subject of humanities. In addition, Suzannah also enjoys ballet, writing, photography, playing the ukulele, and filmmaking.

When asked about her favorite books, movies, and musical artists, Suzanne named C.S. Lewis’s books, Space Trilogy, and Blue Like Jazz as her top books and Return of the King, Arrival Inception, and It’s a Wonderful Life as her top movies. Favorite musical artists include Sleeping at Last, The Lumineers, Sun Kite, and the Oh Hellos.

In regards to her future, Suzannah has several distinct goals in mind. Firstly, Suzannah wishes to graduate high school with her associates degree in German through dual enrollment. In addition, Suzannah would love to begin her own student led Shakespeare troupe. Finally, she mentioned her dream of traveling across Europe in a mystery van with a large dog of some sort.

I enjoyed my time getting to know Suzannah, and I am certain that her contributions to clay will not only engage TPS readers but also delight them.



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  1. Stuttgart is a beautiful place! Where in VA did you reside? Also, make sure to make us look good on social media 😛