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Savannah Gross: Theater Columnist

Meet Savannah Gross, the sixteen-year-old theater columnist at clay for 2017-2018! She’s loved theater since first grade, when she was cast as the Wakey-Wakey Fairy in a play about hibernation. From these humble beginnings, she quickly developed a love for acting that was fueled by joining a homeschool acting trope, which led to her, as she puts it, “falling down the rabbit hole to Broadway.” Now she has gotten into playwriting and is thrilled to have the opportunity to write a column about the “wide, wonderful world of theater.”

Ask Savannah what her favorite musical is, and she’ll respond, “This is super tough,” but after some consideration, she will come to the conclusion of Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang, which she loves because of her grandmother’s VHS copy from when she was little. Nowadays, her favorite is Hamilton, because it stretches her interpretation of what theater can be.

Her perfect day would involve a breakfast of whipped cream and waffles, touring a sunny NYC, and then catching a show on Broadway before “collapsing into bed completely happy.” When asked who she would talk to if she could meet any person, she said, “So many! Do dead people count?” and said that if so, she’d meet C.S. Lewis, author of her favorite series, The Chronicles of Narnia. If not, then she’d like to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Of course, Savannah’s life is not all about theater, and she spends a lot of time on school, in which her favorite subjects are art, history, or even better, art history. She’ll be taking French 2 and AP World History at Potter’s School this year, and says that if she could visit any country in the world, she’d love to go to France and converse with the locals with her professional language skills. “Ha, not a chance,” she jokes of this last.

In her free time, Savannah reads all sorts of books, watches movies (her favorites are The Princess Bride, La La Land, and the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice), bakes, and enjoys getting lost in antique stores. “I’m a professional procrastinator,” she says. She is currently working on finishing her first play, an adaptation of Peter Pan. She also loves to dress up and especially enjoys vintage and historical fashion. “If given the chance, I’d time travel back to 1940s America because I adore everything about that era.”

Savannah and her military family currently reside in Arkansas. She has two younger sisters and a “bagel” (beagle/basset hound) named Dixie. This is her first year at clay, her second at Potter’s School, and she couldn’t be more thrilled. Give her a round of applause, and let’s all look forward to her articles on the fascinating world of theater!

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