Rob Speed: Cartoonist

Meet Rob Speed, a cartoonist, filmmaker, and military kid.  To begin, being in the military involves a great deal of moving around. He has lived in Alabama, Japan, Mississippi, and Stuttgart, Germany. A former F-16 Pilot, his father is now stationed at a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Combined Air Operations Center in Kalkar, Germany, where Rob currently lives. This year is his second with TPS and he is in 9th grade. He has two sisters, one of whom is also a cartoonist for clay. He loves drawing and any other form of creating, especially writing, drawing comics, and filmmaking.

In the future, Rob would love to collaborate with his siblings to create professional, family films. He states that “the lack of good family films annoys me, so I want to make that change.” In addition, Rob’s favorite experience was when he first made his own basic movie. Fittingly, if he could talk with any famous person, he would speak with Walt Disney or any other modern screenwriter. Some movies that he himself enjoys are the Harry Potter and Despicable Me movies. His favorite TV shows are “Phineas and Ferb” and “Ninjago.”

Rob’s favorite subject in school is English, considering that he calls himself a “grammar freak.” He also plays a bit of piano and will shortly be learning the cello. Furthermore, his favorite music groups are TheFatRat, Avicii, and Lindsey Stirling, along with several Christian bands such as tobyMac and Jamie Grace.  As for reading, his interests lie in any kind of fiction, such as the Harry Potter and Warriors book series and also the “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strips.

And now for the random facts: he loves dogs and is scared of spiders. He enjoys EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and his favorite food is any kind of carbohydrate like rice or cereal. He has two dogs, and his favorite vacation was a beach in Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. His favorite color is red, and his preferred mode of transportation is by airplane. He considers himself a Hufflepuff in Hogwarts, and his favorite Youtube channels are Guava Juice and TheSuperdog19. Finally, Rob’s perfect day would include no work and few responsibilities, not to mention a little ice cream as well.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Rob! Make sure to check out his cartoons!


  1. Calvin and Hobbes for life!

  2. I like Warriors and Ninjago too, and I am looking forward to your column!

  3. Calvin and Hobbes is the BEST. And Harry Potter and Despicable Me are awesome as well =D. I’m so excited to have you and your sister in the Humor Column this year, Rob!

  4. I love Calvin and Hobbes,Avicii and Phineas and Ferb too. I’m looking forward to your colum!

  5. Who’s this kid? Sounds annoying.

  6. Calvin and Hobbes. Ninjago. Phineas and Ferb. Wow! you and i are so similar