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Rachel Shey: Poetry and Art Columnist

Artwork by Rachel Shey

Rachel Shey resides in the sunny state of California. Going into 10th grade, this extrovert is the oldest of three siblings. Although she owns two dogs, Rachel would be a duck if she could be any animal because they are “masters of the three realms: water, land, and air.” She also enjoys reading books like Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Stargirl.

Among her other hobbies, gardening is at the top of the list. In a state with a 300-day growing season, this hobby provides plenty of time outside to explore God’s creation.  Rachel enjoys gardening because it is such an easy activity and she can do it all year round. To her, the magic of gardening is that “from such small seeds can come such large plants.”

Rachel has high hopes for the Poetry and Art Column this coming year, and her love of perfectly rhymed poetry, watercolors, and drawing faces qualify her for the job. When asked why she wanted to write the Poetry and Art column, Rachel replied, “I enjoy writing and reading poetry, and I also love art, and would like to share my poems and artworks.”

To improve her face drawing skills, Rachel enjoys watching video tutorials by Jane Davenport. She finds pictures of beautiful cottage gardens, botanical gardens, and plant nurseries inspiring.

Quotes also inspire this artist. After reading a quote from Maurice Sendak, “Inside all of us is a wild thing,” Rachel drew a representation of that quote:

“Inside all of us is a wild thing.” – Maurice Sendak

In addition, the African saying, “the ax forgets, the tree remembers” has impacted her because it is a great reminder not to be too callous toward others. She says, “I also love how it alludes to the event in which the tree was cut by the ax, without saying it explicitly. Very subtle.”

With her love of writing poems, analyzing poetry, drawing, and painting, Rachel Shey will provide readers with food for thought throughout the school year.


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  1. I am so happy you decided to share your poems and artwork with us Rachel! Your paintings are beautiful 🙂