Melika Minaar – Int’l Correspondent

Meet Melika Minaar, the Int’l Correspondent for clay! She is eighteen years old and resides in Izmir, Turkey with her parents, her two younger siblings—Talitha and Andrew who are fifteen and nine—and their black Labrador retriever, Teddy. (They have had a wide variety of pets previously, including birds, tortoises, ducks, hamsters, a rabbit, and a guinea pig.) She has only recently joined clay and has been homeschooled since preschool, although at one point she attended Turkish public school for two years.

Melika was born in South Africa (though has never lived there) and has traveled to Namibia, England, Scotland, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Her father does life coaching while her mother homeschools and is a writer. Melika looks up her parents as her role-models and heroes, for they are good examples of what it means to live for Christ and to give everything to Him.

Melika’s hobbies and interests include playing basketball, playing violin, cooking, photography, and writing. She greatly enjoys science and math and is very intrigued by medical research. She wants to study medicine and presently aspires to become a doctor. She also loves culture, which is one reason why she wanted to join this program and use this opportunity to share about her beautiful home, Turkey. Besides that, Melika enjoys watching movies, animation being her favorite, learning interesting scientific facts through reading or watching short video clips, listening to music, playing sports, and making puns and jokes. The types of books she reads are joke books and the newest medical research studies, especially those involving cancer.

Being a lover of culture, she enjoys food from foreign countries such as Cordon bleu, lasagna, tacos, BBQ, Moussaka, and trying out new things that don’t involve animal insides such as intestines or liver of course. She absolutely loves desserts with chocolate, especially chocolate mousse, dark chocolate, brownies, cake, and ice cream.
If she freed a genie from a lamp and it offered to grant her three wishes—not including more or unlimited wishes, naturally—she would wish for no pain nor suffering in the world, the cure for cancer, and for good grades.
When faced with the question,“If it began raining tacos out of the sky and you only had four items—a camera, an umbrella, three rubber duckies, and a cello (complete with a bow)—what would you do?” she replied that she would go to the beach, cut the cello in half horizontally and use the back half to make a boat. She would then use her umbrella as a mini-sail and eat tacos on the boat while taking pictures and playing with the rubber ducks in the water.

It was great to get to know Melika this month. Learning about her abundant experience on so many countries, her scientific outlook on the world, and her wonderful knowledge of various cultures, having her in the Clay program will be interesting and fun for all of us!


  1. Bahaha I love your answer to the raining tacos question. So glad to be working with you this year!

  2. Thanks Emma. I am looking forward to working with you as well.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize you had such a wide range of international experience! I can’t wait to learn from your column this year. 🙂