Marlee VanDuzer: Sports Editor

Step right up to the plate fellow clay readers, because it’s time to meet your new Sports Section editor, Marlee VanDuzer!

Marlee will be a sophomore this year and resides in Texas, where she can most likely be found eating gummy bears or French onion soup. She channels her energetic nature (almost certainly influenced by the aforementioned gummy bears) into her active lifestyle. Last year she authored the Equestrian column, and she has continued to improve her horseback riding skills, practicing jumping and dressage. The Denver Broncos is her favorite football team by default, due to both the orange and white equestrian that is the team mascot and the fact that she lived in Colorado for six years before moving to Texas. Besides horseback riding, her hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking, ultimate frisbee, and other outdoor activities. She never walks when running will do, a habit that has earned her the nickname “Crash,” and the occasional injury.

Marlee has three siblings, of which she is second oldest; her older sister Raelen is one of the senior editors for clay this year. She also has an absolutely adorable, fluffy dog named Bennett.

Marlee’s dog, Bennett

As an evidently daring and caring person, she cites Arwen from The Lord of the Rings and Anne of Green Gables as representative of facets of her personality. She has a quiet nature, but she is also perpetually happy, winning her another nickname: “Sunshine.”

Marlee’s favorite subjects in school are science and Bible class. Although her original post-graduation plans included veterinary school, she is considering participating in missions as a next step in life. She also would love to one day have a ranch for adopted and foster kids as a ministry, providing refuge and strength to hurting children in accordance with the spirit of her favorite Bible verses, Psalms 46:1-7.

Her bucket list for this year is ambitious; Marlee hopes to attain a job, a car, a new computer, and a horse, as well as go on a missions trip, move back to Colorado, and learn to write with her left hand.

Readers should look forward to a year of dynamism and excitement for the Sports Section as Marlee brings her contagious vitality and joy to clay.

Marlee (left) and her sister, Raelen


  1. Good grief, don’t forget to breathe this year… Make the Frolicking Diversion Section proud 😛

  2. Yessss, a fellow rider! ^-^

  3. Gummy bears and french onion soup *approves muchly* =D I really enjoyed your articles last year Marlee, can’t wait for more this year!

  4. *somehow never read this before* Let me know how the left-handed thing goes. You’ve been a fantastic editor so far; keep it up!