Kevin Yang: Athlete’s Spotlight

Kevin and his new pink.

This year’s Athlete’s Columnist is Kevin Yang. He is a fourth-year TPS veteran and a returning columnist for Clay (formerly The Cracked Pot) who, even at the age of 15, has been through more rain and storm than most. He was born in Concord, Massachusetts on March 6, 2002. From a young age, he has always been an avid sports fan, both playing in and watching events. His favorite sport is definitely football (the American version, he says, and definitely not the European one). And that makes fall easily his favorite season because it is the start of the football season (and also because it is apple picking season, but I digress).

Sports were his life. One might possibly say that he lived and breathed sports. So when he was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2013 and had a full ten inches of his femur removed and replaced with titanium, thus preventing him from participating in competitive team sports, it is not hard to imagine his devastation. Nevertheless, he has learned to find strength through God and others. Technically, he isn’t an official “survivor” now, but he has beaten that cancer. He has not lost that passion for sports. There isn’t much he wouldn’t give to once again be able to play roughly, but he does
not hold this against God or others around him—in fact, the opposite is true. His love for sports has not died—indeed, it has flourished—and he is discovering other ways to enjoy it. Now, since he also finds delight in writing, he channels his sports enthusiasm into—surprise, surprise—writing about sports! (After what I just said about him, you can be sure that his column will blow us all away.)

This year Kevin’s classes with TPS are Algebra 2, Chemistry, AP World History, Bible Survey, Arabic 2, English 4/5: Advanced Composition, Arabic Conversations 2, U.S. Government (Fall Semester) and Chemistry Problem Solving. His two most favorite classes from all his years at TPS are the Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation History, and Literature and Composition classes. Here’s a hint: a great way to strike up a conversation with Kevin is to bring up one or both of these two things: sports and music, specifically Death Metal and Rap (Note: I have dropped a Hamilton Easter Egg somewhere in this article. Brownie points if you can spot it). His favorite artists and songs are “Murderer” by Impending Doom and “You Can’t Stop Me” by Andy Mineo. Unsurprisingly, his favorite movie is a football film, Rudy, about a kid named Rudy (played by Sean Astin) who, after dedicating his entire life playing for Notre Dame, gets a sack in his one game as a senior.

Yes, years ago, columnist Kevin Yang lost ten inches of himself and the ability to play sports, but he did not let that take anything away from him. Having met him, I, without doubt, can say that he is one of the friendliest, most encouraging and strongest (physically and personality-wise) people I have ever met. An ISTP or INTP (depending on whom you ask), he describes his biggest strengths as a person as dedication, breaking stereotypes, and loyalty—and I can attest to that. His favorite Bible verse is Romans 1:16, which says, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to all who believe, first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” An awesome writer and a great guy, Kevin Yang is your destination for anything and everything sports and beyond.


  1. I welcome your fabulous pink hair back to this platform with open arms.

    Oh, and you. ;D

  2. Heyy man don’t go hatin’ on real fútbol. I have so much respect for your perseverance + attitude with everything you’ve been through. *nods* Looking forward to more great sports articles!

  3. And the Hamilton easter egg (which I saw before I hit the sentence where you said it was a thing) is “blow us all away”.