Theology & Worldview

Kate Michael: Missions Focus Columnist

” I would love to travel to Egypt, though I also really want to go to Greece and Rome. I enjoy history, and Egypt is the most Ancient civilization that still stands today. It really fascinates me. I want to work there as an archaeologist.” This was Kate’s answer when asked what country in the world she would like to visit. Just like an archaeologist, if one scratches beneath the surface of blue-eyed and blond-haired Kate’s personality, one will discover a unique individual with a heart of gold.

Thirteen year old Kate Michael has lived in China since she was four years-old along with her parents, fifteen-year-old brother, and eight-year-old sister. When asked why she applied for the Theology and Worldview Section she replied that she loves writing and is passionate about Christianity and the existence of a personal God. Moreover, she added that she wants the world to know that there is a God who cares about us and who wants us to follow Him and Him alone. Thus, it is unsurprising that she enjoys studying science, though history is her ultimate favorite. Furthermore, she also added,” I think when I grow older I would like to be an Egyptologist. I love Ancient History, not so hot on Modern History. As you can probably tell, my favorite civilization to study is… Egypt.”

When it comes to food, Kate loves macaroni and cheese, pizza, and sandwiches. For hobbies, Kate enjoys reading, writing about various topics, and playing a variety of sports including soccer, swimming, basketball, and American football. Several of her favorite books are Lord of the Rings, the Wormling series, and the Odyssey. When asked what character she would want to be if given the opportunity to climb into a book, Kate confidentially answered that she would be Legolas or Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Her zeal for Lord of the Rings is not only limited to the book but also includes the movie. Some of Kate’s other favorite movies include Antman, Captain America, and The Avengers. Though she isn’t a fanatic about music in general, she likes listening to tobyMac and other Christian artists.

For Kate, her ultimate achievement would be sharing God’s word with as many people as possible and helping those in need. Her love for God and others can further be displayed when asked what one thing she would change in the world. She answered, “I would change the way people look at the world. Most people think of the world in terms of ‘that’s a good country’ or ‘that’s a bad country’. In truth, we are all sinners, and the fact is no matter how good or bad one country may seem, we all need God.” Looking to God and knowing that this life is but temporary and that she will dwell with the Lord for eternity in paradise helps Kate to retain hope and not become discouraged when life gets tough.

This is only a mere fraction of Kate’s rich personality, a shard from the vase of her individuality, a tip of the pyramid of herself. So, to discover more of who Kate is, what she believes and her perspective on the world, don’t forget to read her column this year.


  1. Kate, from your writing (Theology and Worldview articles are coming out on the 8th, people, so stay on the lookout!) I can already tell what a huge passion you have for sharing God’s love with others. I’m so glad that I get to work with you this year!

  2. lessa go WOLF!!!

  3. Lol Hey Le En! What science class u taking this year? Im kinda sad Mrs. Gonzalez left, I wanted her as my AP Bio teacher.