Kalijah Rahming: Girls’ Spotlight Columnist

Kalijah is 15, a junior in high school and is writing the “Girls Spotlight” for the e-zine. This is her first year with TPS and with clay. This year, she is excited for AP Psychology and English 4/5 British Literature. She mentioned that English is her favorite subject and in the future, she would like to major in English and minor in Psychology. Her goal is to apply to Cornell University, Oakwood University, and Spelman College.

Kalijah is also very creative and loves to paint and write poetry. One of her favorite things to do is to write her poetry on a canvas and then paint around the words to create artwork with both poetry and paint. She also enjoys reading books such as To Kill A Mockingbird and loves watching The Parent Trap and Gilmore Girls. Kalijah also enjoys listening to music by Michael Jackson, Selena Quintanilla, and Hillsong United. Some of her other favorite things include playing tennis, volunteering in her library and helping out in Vacation Bible School. Her favorite animal is a sugar glider and her favorite food is haystacks. Haystacks, as Kalijah described them, have Tostito chips at the bottom, brown and black beans, cheese tomato, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream all stacked up.

Kalijah is the oldest of three children. She has two younger twin brothers named Kadar and Kanye. She describes Kadar as understanding and loving. On the other hand, Kanye is positive and always happy. She comes from a military family and they are currently living in Jacksonville, Florida. However, they have lived in California, Virginia, and Naples, Italy. She mentioned that some of the struggles of being in the military include unpacking and finding a church that aligns with her family’s beliefs. Out of all the places she has lived, Italy was her favorite because she was able to visit the Coliseum and travel to Venice. Even though she has traveled a lot, Kalijah mentioned that she wanted to travel to New York and Paris, France. Her dream is to go to New York and write in Central Park and watch a Broadway musical. While in Paris, she would love to eat in a traditional café and visit the Eiffel Tower. Not only does she want to travel for enjoyment, she also would to love to travel on a mission trip with Compassion International. Her family sponsors a child in Africa with Compassion International, and that is why she would like to work with the organization.

Kalijah will be writing this year in the e-zine on the “Girl’s Spotlight”. The “Girl’s Spotlight” is a section in the e-zine that highlights girls with an interesting life. Kalijah mentioned she is excited to meet new girls in The Potter School when she interviews them. One of her goals is to use the experience with “Clay” because she would love to join a college newspaper in the future. Kalijah was very interesting to meet and she is very excited to write for the e-zine!


  1. Oh the Parent Trap is an awesome movie! I am so excited to have you on the staff this year Kalijah!

    • Can’t wait to read your articles Kalijah! And so psyched to be in a class with you! Luv the Parent Trap too

  2. Aw, you love sugar gliders! =))) They’re super adorable. I must warn you, as a former owner of three, the cages don’t smell lovely, but the cuteness nearly makes up for it. (Unless you have to practice piano every day next to the cage. Then it’s just not worth it.)

    Can’t wait to meet some new girls through your column. Have a fantastic school year!