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Julia Ackerson: Book Review Columnist

Clay’s 2017-18 book review columnist is a fairly reserved person. Not a fan of large gatherings or too many people in one room, she’d rather hang out in the corner with a cup of tea and maybe one good friend. She never uses caps or exclamation points (“They’re too flamboyant,” she notes), and her writing is prim and proper, sort of like a lab report, except on a book. She hopes to quietly grow old in a library, and one day forty years from now you just might find her wearing the classic librarian glasses, telling you to, “Please hush, dear; be a little quieter, thank you.”

Any mental image you’ve formed, think of the opposite, and that’s Julia Ackerson– except maybe the librarian part, but she’d spice up a library to the nth degree. One of the most fun-loving and sarcastic people on planet Earth, Julia absolutely loves reading and can’t wait to share her book-reading experiences through her column, which we can expect to include at least one unnecessarily capitalized word per article and a peppering of enthusiastic exclamation points.

Julia lives in Kentucky, but close enough to the Ohio border that she can work at the Cincinnati Zoo. A 5th year TPSer, Julia will take AP Lit, Personal Finance, Physics, Arabic 3, Forensic Science, Government, Criminology, and Economics this year. She has two younger brothers and two dogs, all of whom hold a special place in her heart (“unless it’s when we’re playing a board game, because then it’s every man for himself”). When she’s not reading, talking to complete strangers about various animals at the zoo, or doing homework, Julia might be practicing for an upcoming musical. This extroverted “Frenchiest Fry” (a self-applied nickname) is a woman of many talents, another of which includes eating, which she would concede isn’t necessarily a talent, but it almost made it onto her list of favorite past times anyway. Another favorite is Proverbs 31:25, which describes everything Julia aspires to be: “Strength and honor are her clothing; she shall rejoice in time to come.” Esther’s story displays this concept perfectly, so this woman of God is one of Julia’s top biblical role models. “She was SO brave and trusting, and I think the sort of humbling bravery she had is one of the most amazing virtues a person could ever have,” Julia says. (Readers—do note the capital “SO.”) Any expert reader of fiction can pick a most relatable character. She chose “Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles because her sarcasm game is so strong, and she’s independent but fiercely loving and relationship-oriented.” That’s Miss Ackerson summed up in a sentence, if a one-sentence description is sufficient for such a big personality.

Julia’s favorite childhood memory also gives a pretty hilarious glimpse into the mechanics of her brain (which would probably look like “rainbows on steroids” to an outsider). She and her cousins took an innocent trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, but with everything that went wrong, the visit seemed more like a comedic relief episode than anything else. Among other things, Jules’ shirt was nearly a goat’s afternoon snack, and a member of the zoo’s bird house gang attempted a dive-bomb on her thoroughly terrified cousin. These events, however, just made the day better in Julia’s opinion.

As Julia provides tips and tricks on books throughout the year, check out her articles! They’re sure to be entertaining but deep, exciting but thoughtful, and above all, NOT BORING!!!!!


  1. Julesie!!! Best of luck on staff! If you have questions abobut anything, lemme know ;D #ukraineftw

  2. Hey Jules! I started reading and I was like this isn’t Jules. well that was a plot twist lol

  3. JULESSS, I’m so excited you’re writing for us. Your taste in books is sure to be fantastic, but don’t get tooooo emo on us. ;P