Joshua Orsi: Current Events

Joshua is the bronze statue on the far left.



Joshua Orsi is laughing at all of the readers and writers of this magazine right now. It’s not because he takes great joy in seeing us or because someone just told a joke. It because right now he’s sitting in Europe along the coast of Greece while we work. That’s not a good thing, although those who hope to fix it can take heart because someone has discovered the root of the problem. The problem is: Joshua has become too much like the people he covers.

Who does Joshua cover? He loves doing political analysis and is going to be covering Current Events for clay this year. That’s why he’s imitating a politician. Practice.

Thus, while the rest of the magazine’s writers were writing columns to submit in an attempt to become part of clay, Joshua was splicing his old Skype comments and handing those in as his column. When the I asked him about his favorite movie, he used a movie he was sure that most homeschoolers would love – The Return of the King. He admitted that he didn’t enjoy the Hobbit movies, bringing him right into the center of a divisive debate. And when I made up a word in the name of humor and asked him to give the definition, he made something up on the spot. “Perfensnifulous. Hmm. That would be the metaphorical action of stabbing someone and their possessions.”

Fortunately, even though Joshua is training to write about politicians, he’s not one. That’s why, when asked about perfensnifulous, he didn’t lie, but instead looked up the Latin and Greek roots and extrapolated the meaning from those.

Joshua is also part of The Potter School’s old guard. He’s been here taking classes since 2013. Although this is his first year writing for clay, the readers should have nothing but the highest expectations and hopes for him. After all, he’s earned those expectations. Or at least he says he has. Politicians never lie, right?


  1. Go spread the world with your anarcho-capitalism xD It’s better than what’s out there right now… *cough*

  2. Ohmygoodness I love the sarcasm. =DDD Really excited to be working with you this year!

  3. Ha, great job on the article, Josiah. Joshua, can’t wait to read your *ahem* perfensnifilous (spelling?) articles this year.

  4. Hehe, somehow i feel like I’ll be laughing at (or most likely with) most of these articles. Can’t wait!