Jessica Seabolt: PR Forums Manager

“If I were a Converse… maybe gray and turquoise on the outside, classic with a pop of color, and a zipper on the side, for that funky vibe, and some element of lace, maybe on the tongue: turquoise lace over-laying a gray canvas, for a bit of girlish-ness… and standard white platform-thing and black racing stripe for my preppy side.” This was Jessica’s description of herself when having to create a Converse shoe based on her personality. It really capsulates her individuality: fun, diverse, unique and simply put, everyone’s favorite.

Fourteen year-old Jessica Seabolt applied for the PR Forums Manager position in the clay magazine to quench her love of talking to people and her desire to give the columnists more acknowledgement. Alhough she grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia, Jessica is currently living in Williamsburg, with her parents and two brothers. Her favorite subjects include Latin, science and algebra. Being a “live in the moment” kind of person, instead of becoming depressed or overwhelmed by changing situations, she goes with the flow after carefully processing situations and can’t stay glum or hold a grudge. In fact, she said, “I cannot hold a grudge for more than 20 minutes (trust me, I’ve tried).”

When it comes to music, Jessica is a huge fan of OneRepublic, knowing all of their songs. Some of her favorite movies include The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Princess Bride, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as she loves a good adventure with mystery, although she also enjoys comedies and romantics. Her love for adventure is also displayed in her enjoyment of well written, thick novels saying, “If I could climb into any book, I’d pick Nancy Drew in a heartbeat. I’d solve mysteries and go under-cover with my friends, Bess and George, investigating odd happenings and sniffing out clues.”

Jessica enjoys various forms of dancing including ballet, which she started at the age of seven, ballroom, and modern as she feels she is able to express herself through them. Additionally she is a pro at karate, owning a brown belt, and commenting, “It was love at first punch.” Other hobbies include reading, hanging out with friends, sewing, listening to music, and experimenting with clothes and make-up. She also enjoys writing and letting her imagination teleport her to the far-off lands that she reads about in novels.

If she could visit any place in the world, Jessica would either go to her dream location Hawaii, the exciting Okinawa island to train in martial arts, or the fabulous city of London. Her ultimate career is still undecided but she has a passion for designing clothes, dance, public relations, archeology, and language as well as the various math and science career fields.

Some of Jessica’s personal traits, which are often missed, is that she is in fact not perfect, that she is genuinely humble and that she loves talking to people. To sum it all up, Jessica’s wide spectrum of talents and lively personality may be filtered into this quote by Ryan Tedder: ”I have a theory that you can decide to make whatever day it is a good day.” Who better lives out this phrase than Jessica Seabolt?


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