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Ian Hurst: Arts & Culture Co-Editor

“One time I accidentally knocked over five mannequins at once at a big sports department store. Somehow I escaped jail time.” Ladies and gents, meet the greatest criminal of Connecticut. Constantly on the run from the law as a result of his epic escapade with the falling figurines, he’ll be editing half the Arts & Culture section from any nook or cranny of free Wi-Fi he can find on his way to Canada.

Ian Hurst might not quite play the part of a mannequin-slaying outlaw, but even in the tiny state of Connecticut (where, he notes, nothing really happens, “except high taxes. Seriously, when was the last time you heard of someone going to CT for vacation?”), he manages to find a life full of meaning. He loves the little things in life, like sitting in his living room when it’s deserted and watching the weather or being in awe over “really steep cliffs during thunderstorms.” The victory chapter, Romans 8, is his favorite passage of Scripture, which makes sense because Peter, who found victory in Christ alone, is his biblical role model: “He messes up, acknowledges that he messes up, turns to Christ for forgiveness, and messes up again and again and again. But he always turns back to Christ.”

Ian has one sister and one rabbit who sheds enough fur “to make approximately fourteen sweaters each day” (the rabbit, not the sister). Having started TPS as a freshman, Ian’s heading into his junior year still relishing over the fact that he doesn’t have to keep track of number grades anymore. We can only hope he’ll remember how to count without the constant review of figuring out which year of school he’s in (#homeschoolprobs).

Ian views each person as a born leader with some sort of influence on the world around him and seeks to exemplify bold, Godly leadership. With Ian and his co-editor Piper Boykin at the helm of their fantastic Arts & Culture team this year, clay readers are in for a treat.

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  1. This is probably my favorite meet the staff article so far…