Theology & Worldview

Hannah Lin: Theology and Worldview Editor

Hannah’s story begins on January 7, 2000–the day she was born. The daughter of a pastor and home educator of four, Hannah’s life has been pretty straightforward except for the fact that she has moved from New York to New Jersey, she current residence for the past 12 years, to accommodate her father’s profession. But, there is one moment in particular in which Hannah learned a valuable lesson—making apple cobbler for the first time. What sparked Hannah’s fancy to make apple cobbler was not her ambition or charisma alone, but a “brilliant” recipe that required a mere four ingredients: butter, flour, sugar, and apples. Hannah recounts mixing the four ingredients in a bowl and popping them into the oven, resulting in something much less than “brilliant.” The end result was a pan full of melted butter, a thick bottom layer of flour and sugar, and a few floating apple slices. The lesson here is this: sometimes we fail, and some of our failures taste pretty gross. Lesson learned: stick to cakes and pies. 

From her humble beginnings as a baker, this ISTJ has developed many more hobbies which include playing the piano and guitar and listening to (and singing along with) music. Her favorite musical artist is by far Relient K. Among many things that make Hannah unique as an individual, her more particular favorites of life include the New York Giants football team, beautiful days and thunderstorms, walks on the beach, bonfires, hedgehogs, and hammocks.

This is Hannah’s fourth year with TPS. This year she plans to tackle a load of classes which include AP Biology, AP English Language and Composition, AP Calculus, Theology Matters, French 4/5, and Economy and US Government, before graduating this fall. After completing her senior year of high school, Hannah has high hopes of going to college. She is currently looking at eight different colleges, but the top three on her list include Wheaton College, Grove City College, and Case Western Reserve University. Eventually, Hannah plans to obtain a masters degree in nutrition science to become an RD(N) or a registered dietitian (nutritionist). Hannah expressed that she wants to be a nutritionist because 1) she loves food and 2) she believes it is a central part of everyone’s life and that good nutrition is critical for living well. This very passionate individual has one secret though: she LOVES bacon. Even though Hannah desires to be a nutritionist, she claims, and I quote, that bacon “is in a category all on its own.”

With a love for theology and worldview, it is entirely fitting that Hannah, a first time Clay member, is this year’s Theology and Worldview editor. If she could give any advice to her fellow TPSers, it would be this: “Give 100% not only to your school work but also to your relationship with God. Your school work shouldn’t be separate from your spiritual life, but rather, it should just be another way that you seek to glorify God, in your attitude, effort, and desire to learn.” So, even though Hannah failed to bake a successful apple cobbler many years ago, and although her love for bacon might just compromise her work as a nutritionist, Hannah thrives in her relationships with other people and in her relationship with Christ. Her life built around pleasing Christ in all things is so heavily influenced by her favorite Bible verse that comes from 2 Corinthians 9:8 – “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.”


  1. Glad you joined clay this year, Hannah! I agree that bacon is a category all on its own *nods*.

    And nice article, Makenzie! =)

  2. See ya in Theology Matters 😛

  3. Looking forward to working with you this year Hannah! You’re an awesome editor! 🙂

  4. Go Giants!
    Relient K is a really cool band.