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Faith Thompson: Apologetics Columnist

    Faith Thompson–blogger, advocate, and INFJ–became a writer at the tender age of four, when she penned a story about her disdain for one of her preschool leaders.“Current teachers: look out!” she teases, now a fifteen-year-old with a knack for words and an intense passion for the pro-life movement. “I’ve always longed to make a real difference in the world,” she says, and indeed, the apologetics column seems the perfect fit for a girl with a love of writing and a steadfast faith in the Lord.

Talking about her previous involvement and experience with apologetics, she says, “I am the president of a pro-life club in my city [… and] I am very passionate about advocacy. So you all can expect lots of fury and fire from me when I’m writing about something I believe.” She jokes, “I’ll try to tone it down for all of you, though.”

In addition to her informative and enlightening posts and articles, Faith is also a lover of fiction. “If it’s a clean fantasy book, I’ll read it,” she affirms. Her blog,, is in fact a host for many such book reviews and recommendations, as well as information about her own writing endeavors. Her multiple projects include an ongoing fantasy series and a novel that revolves around Christian persecution in dystopian America.

An adventurer at heart, Faith can be found exploring the beach (“The ocean is my happy place,” she says), or climbing a mountain. Her all-time favorite movie is The Princess Bride, and her taste in music ranges from Fall Out Boy to For King and Country. This will be Faith’s first year at TPS, and I urge you to give her a warm welcome as both a student and the exceptional clay magazine apologetics columnist for 2017-2018!


  1. Love the Princess Bride!

  2. Welcome to TPS and clay, Faith! Please don’t tone down your “fury and fire” to much…what’s an argument without passion? I, for one, would love to hear what you’ve got to say 🙂