Charlie Livingstone: Tech/Inventions Columnist

This year one of the writers for tech and inventions is Charlie Livingstone. Charlie is 14 years old and lives in Munster, Germany, about an hour away from the Dutch/German border. From a young age, he loved building things and dreaming about what he would create if he had the opportunity. Within the past 2 years or so, he began to realize the amazing technological advances being made every year that can help with pretty much every factor in life. For example, Charlie was inspired by the 3D printer, which helped trigger his enthusiasm for creating. Although he doesn’t have one yet, he can’t wait for the day when he gets his hands on one. Clearly, Charlie’s love of technology motivates his desire to share his knowledge and passion of inventing and creating with as big of an audience as possible.

Charlie is the middle child of 5 and loves the outdoors. Some of his favorite things to do include bouldering, football, baseball, and ultimate frisbee. One place you won’t find him is at a museum, at least if he can help it. He would much rather be in Moab, Utah hiking, biking, and climbing mountains, or at the beach tackling the biggest waves on his boogie-board. In the future, he aspires to go to the United States Military Academy and be a soldier. After that he wishes to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering.

When he is not outside, Charlie loves reading. Some of his favorite books include the Harry Potter books, The Long Grey Line, and Animal Farm. Charlie isn’t the biggest television fan, but his favorite TV shows are Downton Abbey, or BBC’s Robin Hood. Much to his chagrin he does not have any pets, although he desperately wants a Border Collie. If he won the lottery, Charlie says that the first thing he would do is buy a speedboat and a house on the beach so he could waterski and wakeboard.

Now for some random little facts about Charlie. His favorite food is really anything with meat and some kind of salad to complement it. Also, he is a big fan of Häagen Dazs and Coldstone ice cream. Being the brilliant young man that he is, last summer Charlie, whilst attempting to pogo-stick over a rope, broke his wrist. Unfortunately, that was in early summer, so poor Charlie couldn’t go swimming for 6 whole weeks. For such an active person, this restriction must’ve been a nightmare. However, it probably left him more time to think up cool things to create with that 3D printer he’s been dreaming of…like creating his own personal jetpack!

With such an impressive resume, clay and TPS are lucky to have someone so qualified and talented as Charlie as a writer!


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  1. Ahhh, I see you have a refined taste for icecream. =P I’m happy to have you in the News Column this year!