Josiah DeBoer–Humor Columnist


Probably the first thing I noticed about Josiah DeBoer is that he actually reads emails.

Indeed, Josiah was the one who informed his otherwise oblivious partner that there, buried in Raelen’s vast editorial communique, were instructions to interview our assigned staff partner. Had he not done so, his hapless companion would still be clueless about, well, nearly everything at Clay Magazine. Indeed, Josiah’s the reason you’re reading this at all.

Josiah’s an extrovert and that in the extreme, or so he says. He’s heavily involved in church activities, which have dragged him into all sorts of – well, interesting – situations, such as the time he and his youth group (almost) witnessed a hit-and-run while on a road trip, or when they drove all the way from upstate Indiana to St. Louis and got lost trying to get to the arch. (Note I say get to, not find. There’s a difference.)
But these escapades are just the tip of the iceberg, to borrow the colloquialism. For Josiah, his natural extroversion goes hand in hand with a keen sense of sarcasm – not the bad talk-back-to-mom kind, but rather a cutting, caustic wit that benefits him as a writer.

Josiah has his own blog –, a cheerful site wherein psychopaths extract their own teeth (“Hey, there’re always dentures, right?”) and the author confesses to slapping cacti for fun. Grim humor, Josiah calls it, and warns me that it’s a path little trodden. He’s right. I can’t think of anyone else who enjoys such dark, visceral comedy except for that clown reject with the green hair and creepy scars – wait, let’s not go there.

Finally, after sixteen years of honing his skills, Josiah has decided to bring his talents to TPS. He joined the order almost a year ago and applied to clay – the late Cracked Pot – for a position in the comedy department. His present role is listed simply as “Humor” – a rather nebulous designation in my opinion – but it’s one I’m sure he’ll fit well. And he’d better – no need for that clown reject to take over!


  1. Great job, Joshua!

  2. From what I’ve read, it sounds like we’re looking forwards to some crazy and hilarious articles! Also, speaking as an editor, I definitely approve of the fact that you check your emails––Good job. xD

  3. Hey, even cacti deserve a hifive sometimes. =P But seriously, this column is going to be great.

  4. My vast editorial communique, ha. Super excited to have you on staff, Josiah, and I appreciate your dragging Joshua along with you.

  5. This is lit…

  6. I already have this next month’s column written. I’ve decided to go by, “Josiah DeBoer, relationship columnist”