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Jenna Koo: Music Columnist

Jenna is on left.

Jenna Koo is our music columnist this year, and after chatting with her, it’s clear that she is well-qualified for the job. She has played, or tried playing, an organ, harpsichord, harp, violin, piano, flute, tin whistle, recorder, and drums, and currently studies the violin and piano. Jenna loves how music delivers enjoyment and fun to people with the lovely sounds it produces. Her favorite artists include John Williams and classical composers Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and Mozart.

Jenna has never worked for the school magazine before, but her sister has worked for it the past two years and really enjoyed it. Jenna thought that she would too because she has a passion for writing and sharing. Jenna is an INFP. She is going into ninth grade and her fourth year with TPS. This year, she’ll be taking seven classes with TPS: English 3 Lit Survey, Starting Points, U.S. Government, Geography for High School, Geometry Honors, Spanish 2, and Pre AP Biology.

The Koos reside in Orlando Florida, although Jenna would prefer to live along the California coast. If she could pick anywhere to live, real or imaginary, she said maybe the Shire from Lord of The Rings after the Return of the King, or even Hogwarts after the defeat of Voldemort and she said she would happily be residing in any Hogwarts house except Slytherin. She loves to read Harry Potter, Star of Light, Sophie Quire, Percy Jackson and so many more. Jenna has three siblings: an older sister, a younger sister, and a little brother. Along with the family, Jenna has an adorable one year old dog named Chestnut. Jenna’s favorite bible verse is Romans 9:15, which states, “ I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” She said, “I like this verse because it pretty much explains why I believe. Though this verse may seem strict, it reminds us of God’s intense love and mercy that we as sinners never deserved. That gives me an absolute reason why I should be thankful. It comforts me to know that God is a just God. To me this is one of the most important verses in the Bible.” Jenna really loves Asian and Mexican food, specifically dim-sum, salad, and tacos. She also said if she had to decide between snails, fish heads, alligator, or chicken feet she would rather eat chicken feet because she loves chicken feet. Jenna is a compassionate person with an amazing passion, and I think it will really show in her writing. I cannot wait to read her column and see what she has to say.  



  1. Personally, I prefer the alligator over the chicken feet. It tastes more like chicken than the chicken feet itself does. Yep.

  2. Yep except that alligator is too chewy. Go Chicken Feet!