Erin Speed: Humor


If you have met Erin Speed in person and broken past her defensive wall into her fun, upbeat, and quirky nature, you have accomplished a tricky yet worthwhile task. However, since none of us have the pleasure of ever coming face-to-face with Erin, I shall try my best to introduce her to all of you through writing.

Erin is sixteen years old and this is her first year on TPS. She currently lives in a small village in northern Germany, and has one brother and one sister, both younger, with whom Erin loves to talk with for hours on end and dream about the future. Erin’s favorite music artists are Lindsey Sterling, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, and Owl City, and she also enjoys soundtracks by John Williams, Harry-Gregson Williams, Bruce Broughton, and Hans Zimmer. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Lego Movie, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the first two Chronicles of Narnia are all movies that Erin loves to watch again and again. Erin finds joy in movies and songs, but more than anything, books. “I absolutely love to read; books are like my comfort blanket”, says our interviewee. Her favorite series include “Warriors” by Erin Hunter, “The Wingfeather Saga” by Andrew Peterson, “The Last Dogs” by Christopher Holt, and “Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling.

To take a brief quote from our interview, Erin’s interests as far as school are, “Reading, writing, and ranting about arithmetic,” but she says her favorite is history, as it’s all beautiful, intricate stories that connect somehow. Ms. Speed is an INTJ on the Myers Briggs test and enjoys a wide variety of things, from curling up in bed with a book to zipping around as fast as the laws of physics will allow. She has loved, ever since she was little, writing stories and screenplays, illustrating and drawing comics, and filming movies and videos for her friends and family to enjoy. Erin’s greatest joy would be to work in the film-making industry; acting, directing, or doing voice-overs, or creating best-selling films for kids and families to enjoy!

When given the situation, “You are on a teetering tower of rock, only a few feet on each side, and surrounded at the bottom by smoldering lava. If you could have any three things in the world right then, what would they be? And what would you do with them?”, Erin answers “The three things I would want… would be: A. shapeshifting abilities that will enable me to transform into a flying dragon, B. a camera, so that I could take a photo of the awesome setting, and C. a pack of fireworks, so that I could drop them into the molten lava and see what would happen.” I think this little excerpt exhibits Erin’s daring, bold nature, her thoughtful side, and last but not least, her fun and wacky spin. This girl is so full of energy and has such varying interests, I consider it my loss that I can only know her online, because if we ever met, I think we’d be best friends and probably blow up the world while we’re at it.


  1. You’re such a great addition to the Humor column, Erin! With your ability to make us all laugh and potential “blowing up the world” capabilities, I’m sure I’ll have a great time with you this year =D.

  2. Who’s this?! I’ve never met her.

  3. Okay. Our tastes are like exactly the same. You like Wingfeather Saga??? And Lindsey Stirling? Let’s be best friends, shall we?

  4. Wingfeather Saga and Harry Potter are amazing! And so is Owl City!