Emma Waldvogel: News Editor

“Let her dream,” her father explained to her family when bright, little Emma announced she wanted to become a mail lady when she grew up. Later when she was twelve, to everyone’s surprise, she moved from wanting to become mail lady to an actress. Despite her family’s concerns, seventeen-year-old Emma Waldvogel has gradually shifted from these dreams to settling on going into math when she goes to college and getting her PhD for more job opportunities.

Growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York, she has always been appreciative of the mild weather they receive—despite the enormous snowstorms, of course, but it is still better than tornados and hurricanes, she explained. Being the oldest of five siblings, she would consider herself an ESTJ, although she can resemble other traits depending on the situation. One family tradition that she would classify as different is the fact that because she is half Chinese, her Mom makes Chinese food for every holiday. She recalled that, “One time my Mom slaved away during Thanksgiving making turkey, but it turns out her family doesn’t like American food, so we have had to make Chinese dishes after that.”

This will be her second year with clay, working as a News Editor. In her years of working with clay, her fondest memory was the purple unicorn email incident with the staff last year. Although she was slightly concerned at the time, looking back on it she laughs and was amused when a cartoon strip was written in February based off the ordeal. Concerning class schedule, she will be taking four courses with The Potter School: AP Calculus BC, Chinese 2, English 6: U.S. Literature and Composition, and Physics. Some things she aspires to do each day is to be productive and spend time with God, in which she noted that her Dad is her role model concerning his walk with Christ. (“My Mom and I joke and say that he is ‘all ready for Heaven’.”) One of her favorite Bible verses is John 14:27—“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” It reminds her that even though the world is becoming less peaceful, God will always be.

As an editor, she encourages people to comment on her writers’ posts. “I know what it’s like to receive a lot of comments, but also be that person who doesn’t get any.” Ultimately, this year she hopes that clay will reflect our students and God.

Welcome back to clay, Emma!


  1. Ahh, yes, the unicorns.…that was also my fondest memory. It’s also a memory of when I was most freaked out at TCP xD.

    It was nice getting to know you better, Emma! I’m excited to see what the ex-Dictator will give us in the News Column this year =D.

  2. Aww thanks Kait. *hugs back* Your support over the years has meant a lot to me. ^.^

  3. Hey Emma! Or should I say… dictator… haha. ESTJs ftw!