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Cassie Disharoon: Pop Culture Columnist

Meet Cassie Disharoon, a self proclaimed bookworm, French fry lover, an ISTJ (Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging), and this year’s pop culture column writer! Despite being only 14 years old, Cassie will start her 10th grade this year. Taking Geometry and Spanish 2 with TPS, this will be her 2nd year in TPS and her first in Clay Magazine.

Some of Cassie’s hobbies include drawing, writing (specifically creative and research writing), reading, and dancing. She especially loves science fiction and classic books – her favorites consist of The Hunger Games series and The Giver. When it comes to dancing, Cassie’s a true diva. What sort of dance you ask? Well…*deep breath* she does ballet, modern, tap, jazz, lyrical, and *runs out of breath* more. Outdoor sports however, are simply not her cup of tea. Netflix, Cassie admits, is her guilty pleasure. Being a huge DC comics fan, Supergirl and The Flash are without a doubt her favorites. If Cassie could have one super power, it would be invisibility so as to amplify her spying and stalking abilities. Said like a true TPS’er!

Cassie loves alternative rock and musicals such as Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Newsies, and Chicago. Though she was born in Texas, Cassie now resides in Florida where the weather, according to her, is much more friendly. Unsurprisingly, Cassie’s 11-year old brother has tried to get his older sister to love video games but to no avail. And here is one interesting thing about Cassie that very few people know about: she frequently dramatically lip-syncs to songs when alone.

To end this off, I shall lavish you with 3 random facts about Cassie: Her parents originally named her Isabella when she was born though obviously, that changed. She’s right handed, and whether rain or shine, you will always, always… find her wearing a sweatshirt.



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