Aina Do: Teacher Spotlight Columnist

Meet Aina Do, writer for the Teacher Spotlight column. Aina lives in a small town thirty minutes away from Madrid, Spain, though she is actually Korean by blood. Her younger sister is named Yeji. Aina is fifteen and is going into eleventh grade, and her birthday is on November 1st, 2001.

Although she doesn’t really have a favorite book, she likes to read mystery, fantasy, and adventure in either fiction or non-fiction. For fun, she writes, and watches cartoons like My Little Pony. According to Aina, that is the only show with an actual theme. She has no pets, but if she were to have one, then she would like a fire-duck, which is an animal that can protect its owner by shooting fireballs from its beak. A friend of Aina’s made up the fire-duck because Aina loves fire and ducks. While she loves all the colors, her favorite color is a sunny yellow, which she likes because it is the color of ducklings and fire and it matches her cheerful personality well.

When her mother asked her if she would like join clay, she was enthusiastic about it and took it on as an extracurricular class. She will be the columnist for the Teacher Spotlight this year.

Aina will be graduating from high school in 2019. Although she is not quite sure which college she wants to go to, she would like to go to a college with a good literature department. Her personality type is INTP-A and according to the description found on Google, “INTPs are known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic.” This is a great personality type for someone who wants to go into literature and for a clay columnist. We will expect to read great articles from her.

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  1. Sunny yellow and ducklings, sounds perfect for a Teacher Spotlight columnist! I am so glad you are a part of our team this year Aina!