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Piper Boykin: Arts and Culture Co-Editor

Folks, meet your wonderful Arts and Culture co-editor, Piper Boykin! Piper is a 15, almost 16-year-old Junior who has lived in nearly half of the USA. While that may be an exaggeration, she has moved 12 times to 5 different states because her dad is in the military. During these moves, this travel pro relies on the verse Psalm 34:18, and she says, “Every time my family has to move I have my heart broken a little bit, but that brings me closer to God.” Piper lives with her parents and two brothers, ages 9 and 12, of whom she is the oldest. She enjoys spending family time at amusement parks, on hikes, or decorating for and celebrating family birthdays.

This is her first year in both TPS and clay, but she desired to get involved because of her love for poetry, classic literature, art, and photography. Piper is going to take AP Calculus AB, Spanish 3 and 4, and AP Biology here at TPS, and hopes to get an undergraduate degree in Genetics after high school and then move on to become a pediatrician. Before coming to grace us with her presence here at clay she was part of another school’s literary magazine for the past 2 years, editing and designing the layouts for student-submitted poetry and prose. In one word, her friends would describe her as “crazy,” and in all her answers of the interview, her fun personality shines through. She dreams of being a pediatrician with a donut shop as a side job. When it comes to movies, Piper is drawn to Tangled and The Pirates of the Caribbean. And if Teletubbies is on, you will not find the terrified Piper within a mile of the television. She associates herself with Wendy from Peter Pan, and says, “Gerald from Finding Dory is my soulmate.” 

Piper relishes the moments of life and uses her Polaroid camera to capture them whether they are things that make her happy, compliments to give, or good food.

This year, don’t forget to read the Arts and Culture section co-edited by the one and only Piper Boykin!


  1. Um first off, is that a Black Tap shake? Because that place has the worst line but some of the best fries I’ve had in my entire life. 😉 And heyyyy future pediatrician buddy.

  2. Flee the Teletubbies!