Katie Fang: Story Spotlight

One of the many blessings of The Potter’s School is getting to meet and learn about gifted people with beautiful souls. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sat down one evening to chat with tenth-grader Katie Fang, who happened to be over twelve hours into the future due to currently being in Taiwan instead of her home in California. After chatting briefly about our lazy summer sleeping schedules, we got down to business.

Katie is the youngest of three and lives in Walnut Creek, California. This August she embarks on her fourth year with TPS, taking AP Biology. She loves TPS; mainly, she appreciates the fellowship she finds with TPSers. “It’s so welcoming, friendly, and supportive!” she says, speaking of the TPS community. “I’ve made friends, exchanged emails, and still keep in touch with a girl all the way in New Jersey!” Some of her favorite memories are from taking General Science her first year at TPS with Mrs. Selby. Katie explains that she was nervous but found Mrs. Selby a fun and encouraging teacher.

This will be the beginning of Katie’s second year writing for the TPS magazine. She has enjoyed her experience working with what was formerly The Cracked Pot, saying that it has helped her “improve [her] writing, try something new, and read others’ amazing articles.”

Katie loves stories, and she loves their power to “make you laugh, cry, and rage.” Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that she will be offering her talents to TPS by writing the Story Spotlight column. What can readers expect? “It will be a mix of personal narratives about life in general, dealing with situations and struggles as a Christian. I will also include simple, funny stories,” Katie explained to me. “I am also considering accepting other’s stories to share,” she added.

So who is Katie the person? Good question. She’s an introvert, and describes herself as a “less of an in-the-spotlight girl.” Some of her favorite activities are baking, walking, playing the violin, and playing competitive soccer. Also naturally, like every good storyteller, Katie loves to read. One of her favorite quotes is by Martin Farquhar Tupper: “A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.” Some of her favorite books are Redwall and Anne of Green Gables. She also enjoys watching Pride and Prejudice, both the movie and the television show.

Katie prefers tea over coffee, although she expects she’ll need coffee later on in college. I feel like that’s the fear of all of us tea-lovers! She also loves vanilla ice cream. “My sister does a facepalm whenever we step into a nice ice cream place,” she told me, “and I order vanilla. I like to play it safe.” Sounds like a good way to live, I think!

I dove deep and asked Katie to share with me what qualities she admires in a person. Her answer was straightforward: “I admire strong moral character.” She also elaborated that she sometimes wants to cry when she sees “how wrong people are to not listen or align with the Bible. Hypocrisy drives [her] nuts.”

Speaking of the Bible, Katie loves the book of James and its practical wisdom. A verse close to her heart is Hebrews 13:8. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (NKJV)”

Katie is uncertain what she wants to do in the future. She entertains the idea of becoming a teacher, but is unsure when considering how it isn’t the easiest of jobs. She does know, however, that her goal for her life is to learn to be “contented and patient.”

Finally, Katie ended by saying that she wants no regrets in life. With her faith and maturity, I am certain that she will accomplish wonderful things and live a wonderful life with no regrets. I’m definitely grateful that she is sharing her talents with Clay Magazine this year!


  1. So happy to have you back on the staff Katie! I can’t wait to laugh and cry over your stories this year 🙂

  2. WOW! I live in Taiwan too, and I use to live in Walnut creek too!