Joshua Wang: International News Columnist

Joshua Wang is a 17 year old living in Beijing, China, with his two parents, his little sister, and two border collies. He’s been a homeschooler since day one, and Joshua loves the flexible schedule and the increased time for extracurricular activities, such as piano and music in general.

Although Joshua loves almost all aspects about homeschooling, he dislikes the fact that homeschooling takes away from his ability to socialize. He’s been a part of TPS since he was 9 and he enjoys the rigid academic standards which have helped him prepare well for the SAT and also in his AP classes. One disadvantage, however, is that he wishes he were able to meet the awesome staff, faculty, and classmates in real life. Joshua’s favorite subject is English because he excels in that area and it allows him to “broaden his reading horizons” so to speak.

He is extremely proficient in music, mainly piano, and he loves all the different genres that make his music listening experience more invigorating and interesting. Joshua’s favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell because of its revelation of the implications of authoritarianism in society and psychology. His favorite movie is Kingdom of Heaven because of its call to peace after 9/11. Joshua’s favorite sports are running and swimming, and although he is physically strong and fast, he has never had the opportunity to excel in other sports because of his academic pursuits with The Potter’s School. Joshua loves music, and although he plays piano, which normally is a classical instrument, his favorite genres are PBR&B and hip-hop because they are both multi-dimensional genres waiting to be revolutionized.

Joshua is extremely well-traveled, having visited the U.S., Japan, Russia, Thailand, and Australia. His favorite country he has ever visited is definitely the U.S. because of the wide diversity of food and weather. Joshua is extremely excited to be a part of clay and can’t wait to get to work in the international news column this year!


  1. Hello Joshua! So happy to have you on the staff this year!
    Beijing is an awesome city, I was actually just there a month ago. If you are looking to meet more TPS students and staff, you should join the TPS China trip next summer, you will get to meet some pretty amazing people.

    • Absolutely! I am really looking forward to a wonderful year as a member of CLAY 🙂 Beijing is nice except for the weather.

  2. Aww, you can definitely socialize with all the lovely people on TPS, and as Morgan said, joining TPS mission trips is a great way to meet others in real life. =D Really excited to learn more about China in your column!