William Joseph Seabolt III: Political Analyst

Meet William Joseph Seabolt III, Political Analyst: Clay Magazine could not have chosen a better-qualified columnist than Mr. William Seabolt. William is a political enthusiast, a talkative extrovert, and a very ardent person. His literary wit and political knowledge make him perfect for the job. Most importantly, William is a dedicated Christian. His political ideas are based on this principle, and, above all, he derives political and moral standards from Scripture. This theme will carry throughout the year as William analyzes current political news in light of Christian morality.

William’s many talents include colonial drumming, karate, and writing. Much of William’s spare time is spent reading, especially legal texts and biblical writings. His writing is quality enough to earn honest recognition. His quite remarkable articles on public policy and law have been published on well-known conservative and libertarian websites, including American Thinker and the Foundation for Economic Education. William is also a self-proclaimed “redneck”, political activist, and history buff. Fittingly, AP U.S. History taught by Mr. Monfreda is William’s favorite TPS class to date. William is entering his third year with TPS and his first with clay. Many TPS students know William for his unwavering fidelity to his beliefs, vast political knowledge, and, of course, the infamous Quail Pants mock-lawsuit.

William is employed by the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps, where he interprets 18th-century music and military history. Here he impersonates 18th-century soldiers and participates in fife and drum demonstrations. He works full-time during the summer months and part-time during the school season. In the future, William plans to attend Patrick Henry College, where he will study American Politics and Government. In addition, William will proceed to law school and begin his legal practice immediately upon graduation.William decided to write for clay this year because he feels the need to present a biblical analysis of today’s happenings to the wonderful students of TPS. Clay Magazine is blessed to have such a unique and talented student writing the Political Analysis column this year! Look out for William Seabolt’s articles in the News section on the eighth of each month.


  1. Can’t wait to see what you do here Tripp- wish you the best of luck.

  2. Ahhh, the infamous Tripp Seabolt. Glad I finally get to officially meet you. And yes, the world needs politics from a Biblical perspective. Can’t wait to read your articles!